The Randomness of Life

~ 5 Minnesotans and one __a___eite at one card table in the middle of hell.

~ I open a book at work and read this phrase at the top of the page: "deep into my psyche felt as dangerous as I'd ever felt." [from Ken Bruen's The Magdalen Martyrs]

~ [correction]: The funniest thing anyone has ever said to me, and perhaps the funniest thing anyone has ever said in the entirety of human existence: "I don't remember think I've ever fornicating fornicated with a any family member members." And you think you're not a redneck? You don't remember think??!

~ New friend in the most unlikely of souls: Sleek.

~ Second funniest thing anyone said to me [recently]: "uglier than a lobster"

~ Coming back to life in the form of friendships too-long set aside. Em. Tracy. John. Deb.

~ Unbelievably fabulous lunch yesterday: Penne Abruzzeze [sp?] at La Za Za Trattoria. Damn. The food, as always, was fantastic. The company was perfect--just what I wanted and needed. And the floor show--the host? maƮtre d'? the guy who 'sat me'? sang along with Dean and Frank and Nat and Johnny, in the almost-deserted (at 2:something) restaurant--was funny and charming and perfectly-pitched. I sang along on "Volare" and "Maria" and "Send for Me".

Back to work.

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