Arma virumque cano ~ I sing of arms and a man

  1. What is your favorite mixed drink? rum + lemonade
  2. When answering these questions are you often pulled in different directions, as if committing to one answer eliminates the possibility for all others? well, I think that the questions are written as if there are only two answers (north pole, south pole) when in reality there is primarily a vast gray area in between. So I don't feel terribly "pulled" to either of those extremes, just mildly amused by the idea that anyone would be sufficiently naïve to believe in them.
  3. Chicken Marsala, Pasta Primavera, Veal Cutlet Parmesan or Linguini with Clam Sauce? meh. There are other Italian dishes that I would prefer to any of these.
  4. If you were alone in your friend's house/room/apartment would you look in their drawers and notebooks? not unless invited to do so. With that kind of knowledge comes responsibility.
  5. What would you really like to do but you don't because you are afraid of getting caught? drink more, more often. That's probably about as wild as it gets.
  6. Of the following, which word best describes you: responsible, spontaneous, tactful, uninhibited? I suppose that depends who you ask. People who don't know me well at all would say that I'm "responsible." My very best friend would agree that I'm spontaneous, albeit within certain limits. I can be tactful (also within certain limits). And pretty much all my really good friends and every guy I've ever dated knows I'm uninhibited when I'm comfortable. So that's the one I'd choose.
  7. Which band would you most likely check out? The Smiths (indi-pop 80's-90's), The Lords of Acid (acid/house/dance 90's), or Front 242 (80's-90's industrial/dance)? The Smiths, given that I'm marginally a fan already
  8. How can one put an end to procrastination, as a bad habit? get over your own ego. It's all about seeing one's own (whatever) as more important than (the alternative). It's kind of like always being late. Once you get over your own bad self and the idea that you're the center of the universe and everyone else can damned well wait for you, then you start showing up on time and respecting other people. When you start respecting yourself and the choices you've made (on purpose, even!), then the procrastination thing seems less "fun."
  9. What feature would you want on your car that is not currently offered? tie-downs, to keep my cargo from sailing around the cabin. I rarely have passengers, but I transport things all the time. The ability to move a potted plant without it tipping over? That would be wondrous.
  10. What kind of poetry speaks to you? pretty much all of it. I'm no huge lover of form over function, so I'd prefer something that feels nice to something that's technically perfect. But, like all of art, it's a personal thing and I'd never tell anyone else that they shouldn't like what they like. Poetry keeps me sane; I love it
  11. What is your favorite store that is open 24 hours? Kwik-Trip, baby! It's like a White Hen, but with gasoline!
  12. Do you find that sleep is just so much sleepier when you are supposed to be doing something else? oh Hell yes. Even on the weekends, I can take the most astoundingly lovely naps when I could be reading or watching a movie ... but what bliss!
  13. Do you also find that the books you chose are so much more luscious when you have a stack of actual assignments that you should be reading? not really. The worst I get with stuff like that is putting off paying bills when there's a blog post to put up. And that only happens every few days.
  14. If you have had the chance to compare the original 5000 Question Survey to this edited version, what is your opinion? I'm really not that into this whole thing.
  15. What's the most creative answer you can think of for 'what is black and white and red all over'? ugh, the only thing that comes to mind is the dead skunk that was smeared all over the river road this morning on the way to work. It absolutely reeked for a mile in each direction. I completely forgot about it on the way home but managed to dodge the tiny blob of what was left just in time.
  16. Why do people slow down on the highway when they pass a cop car pulling someone else over? because it's the law in this state! And it ought to be the law everywhere.
  17. Are they afraid that the cop will STOP pulling over whoever he is pulling over and pull them over instead? I would imagine that it's equal parts just trying to get out of the way safely, and trying to see if the person pulled over is someone they know. Simple curiosity.
  18. It's daddy's birthday. What do you get him? I've never once called my father "daddy." Last year I got him a case for his e-reader so he could use it without holding it in his hands. He noted an improvement in his posture and his hands stopped aching so much within a month.
  19. What's your "5,000 question survey nickname"? Look at the word next to the 2nd letter of your first name

    A anything but
    B bubalicious
    C captivating
    D deadly
    E erotic
    F funky
    G greasy
    H heaps of
    I indie
    J jelly
    K kinetic
    L lasher
    M Mr. (or Mrs.)
    N neglected
    O ogre-like
    P parading
    Q quacking
    R Rico
    S stinky
    T the one and only
    U uber
    V Velcro
    W wishing for
    X x-tra
    Y yearning for
    Z zoobalee

    Now take the first letter of your last name.

    A aardvarks
    B baboo
    C creme pie
    D drag queen
    E eggbert
    F flex
    G god
    H hell
    I Isabelle
    J juice
    K kisses
    L lightning
    M mannish boys
    N nice
    O octopi
    P porcupines
    Q q-bert
    R rainbows
    S suave
    T tushy
    U underwear
    V valor
    W weenie
    X xtc
    Y yohimbe
    Z zipper

    Put the two words together for your nickname.
    Mrs God?!
  20. You know that shaky feeling that you get when it's all coming to a climax, and everyone involved is breaking into the good kind of cold sweat, working as individuals and at the same time as a single force of energy, and it all meshes together, and for a brief moment, you're holding your breath and tingling all over, and after it's done you're on an explosive and dizzying high for the rest of the night? What does that feeling come from? the last time it was like that... the Steelers won the Super Bowl!

[From the 5000-question meme; this is the first segment of the eighth part. The title quotation is by Virgil, from Aeneid, Book I]


even your odds and ends

'I Love Your Crazy Bones'

Even your odds and ends.
I love your teeth, crazy bones,
Madcap knees and elbows.
Forearm and backhand
Hair makes you animal.
Rare among things.
The small of your back could pool rain
Into water a main might drink. Perfect,
From the whirlpools your fingers print
On everything you touch
To the moons on the nails of all ten toes
Rising and setting inside your shoes
Wherever you go.

[Barton Sutter {1949- }, from Cedar Home]

Hear it here.


love's gift cannot be given; it waits to be accepted

All I want for Valentine's Day 
(yes, I know I've cut it too close. Lucky for me, it's more of a Valentine's week...)

  1. a couple weeks' R&R in a far-off place with no phone and lots of sun (along the Equator?)
  2. failing that: wool socks. And maybe a wool sweater. And a wool blanket. (mmm)
  3. books (the paper version, or the Amazon kindle kind)
  4. back massage, foot rub, and then an undisturbed two-hour long nap (or three)
  5. popover mix (King Arthur Flour or similar)
  6. living room light fixtures (it. is. SO. dark. in. here.)
  7. music (mix CDs always encouraged, or iTunes gift cards) 
  8. nice flannel sheets in a color other than bold red (don't ask)
  9. a birthstone necklace (something like this)
  10. cashews (salted, please)
  11. lenses for a Nikon D200 (details upon request)
  12. a small, narrow armchair and/or loveseat (tan or medium blue)
  13. Chambord (and soda)

[the title quotation is by Rabindranath Tagore]


that's what I do. Watch movies and read. Sometimes I even pretend to write, but I'm not fooling anyone

  1. Do you think that it would be a good idea if people served in the Army, Navy or Air Force for a while before they were allowed to vote? no, I think that would be a terrible idea. Suitability for military service does not (at all, remotely) equate to suitability to make sound political decisions. For that matter, possession of an astute sense of politics and government does not bring with it the ability to perform well under military pressure. To imply that it does requires a basic lack of understanding both of politics and military service.
  2. If you were required to do this to vote, would you? yes, that being said: I would
  3. Do people often give you weird looks? all the damned time. For the most part, I've grown accustomed to it, since it happens literally every day at work.
  4. Do like Japanese cooking? I'm quite certain that I've never had "real Japanese cooking"--but I do like Asian flavors and would be pleased to try
  5. Do you care for stray animals? in general, though not practical, senses
  6. Which animated movies have you seen and what did you think of them?
  7. Are you ambidextrous (equally good at using both hands)? not at all - my left hand is just for show
  8. Do you always say “bless you” after someone sneezes, or do you hesitate? it depends. That was not the done thing in my family of origin, and to do so would feel strange. I used to work with someone who sneezed a dozen times in a row (those little baby sneezes that did absolutely no good, like a kitten discharging the merest shadow of dandelion fluff) and to do so would have been tedious. But yeah, otherwise I generally do? Because, really, why not?
  9. If you and your friends could go away for 2 days over Halloween weekend where would you go? more than likely it would not be Halloween-related at all, and would simply be women in a nice hotel taking advantage of some spa services. Damn, that sounds really good...
  10. Which of these animated movies have you seen and what did you think of them?
  11. Do you feel that society is male dominated, female dominated, or neutral? male
  12. What words offend you? "tofurkey," "110%," and "protein"
  13. They’re just words. Can you get over it? no, I cannot
  14. Have you ever looked into different religions? "looked into"? I've attended services in a broad range of faiths, and weddings and funerals for many of them. Is that a "look"?
  15. Which ones have you looked into? various synods of Lutheran; Methodist; a few degrees of Catholic; Presbyterian, Baptist, a couple of Jewish services--and a few others.
  16. What do you think of Satanism as a religion? according to the generally accepted definition, it is. What I think about that is immaterial.
  17. Do you like it better when your classes are taught sitting in rows or sitting in a circle? really? uhm. I guess it depends on the classes. Lectures are better in rows (easier to hide in obscurity) and discussions are better around a table.
  18. Have you ever read your own tarot cards? no, and neither have I had them done
  19. Which ones do you like better, the three old Star Wars movies or the 2 new ones? that dates us, doesn't it? I've only seen "the three old ones." I didn't love them, but I'll take them.
  20. If you scream in outer space does it make a sound? no
  21. If you saw The Queen of the Damned did you want to be a vampire/Goth afterward? haven't seen it--but I'm not influenced by movies that way, generally, I don't think
  22. If you saw SLC Punk did you want to be punk afterward? SLC has a totally different meaning in my world, so that's kind of a laugh in itself. But I've not seen it, and wouldn't likely "go punk" if I did.
  23. What is your favorite zombie movie? I don't think I've seen any? The idea really does not appeal.
  24. Best kids birthday party: ceramics, Chuck-E-Cheese, roller rink, bowling, sleep over, movie theater roller rink + sleepover
  25. What were your parties like when you were a kid? usually roller rink
  26. Best teen (about 15-16) birthday party: ceramics, Chuck-E-Cheese, roller rink, bowling, sleep over, movie theater, house party, catered in a hall, restaurant, family trip, concert movies
  27. What are/were your 15-16 year old parties like? given the time of year, my birthdays were pretty mellow. I always did something with my neighbors, three girls around my age. And by my middle teens I would have done something with my school friends, too.
  28. Best 18th birthday party: ceramics, Chuck-E-Cheese, roller rink, bowling, sleep over, movie theater, house party, catered in a hall, restaurant, family trip, concert, club, pool hall, college party house party
  29. If you are 18 what was your party like? I wouldn't have been anywhere near my house by that point
  30. Best 21st birthday party: ceramics, Chuck-E-Cheese, roller rink, bowling, sleep over, movie theater, house party, catered in a hall, restaurant, family trip, concert, club, pool hall, college party, bar, Atlantic city/Las Vegas trip college party
  31. If you saw The Craft were you interested in Wicca/paganism/magic afterward? no.
  32. What are your top 3 priorities? sleep, finding a better job, and reading
  33. If you saw Fight Club did you want to get into a fistfight afterward? no.
  34. What is your favorite smell? baking bread
  35. Give everything below a humor rating (1 = laugh your ass off, 2 = LOL, 3 = smile, 4 = lame, 5 = not funny, 6 = offensive):
    • People falling 5
    • Rape jokes 6
    • Sarcastic comments 3
    • Blond jokes 4
    • Dirty jokes 3
    • God/religion jokes 5
    • Long-ass jokes 5
    • Death jokes 6
    • Pain/sickness jokes 6
    • Animals doing cute stuff 3
    • Bodily functions 5
    • Knock-knock jokes 4
    • Ethnic jokes 6
    • Puns 4
    • Ironic situations 3
  36. If you saw Cruel Intentions did you want to have lots of meaningless sex afterwards? I think I may have seen it? But it wouldn't have had that reaction.
  37. Do you get at least three hugs per day? SNORT
  38. What should someone never say to you/call you if they want to remain on your good side? "you're so smart!", "[hablar hablar hablar]", or "Ma'am"
  39. If you saw Trainspotting did you want to do drugs afterwards? haven't seen it, but it's in my Amazon Video queue
  40. Do movies have a great influence on you? they do. I usually watch 2-6 a week. I love them and get a lot out of them--but they don't really change my behavior, as a rule. I don't think.
  41. Do you have a favorite reality TV show? sports. It's the only reality TV that I can stand.
  42. Are there certain roles that people are pressured to play in society or can they basically do whatever they want? ya think?
  43. How does the 2004 Dawn of the Dead remake compare to the original movie? I've not seen either of them
  44. Have you ever held a magnifying glass over an insect to burn it? no. Yuck!
  45. Have you ever pulled the wings off a fly, butterfly or any other insect? no. Eeew!
  46. What would you think of a guy (if you're into guys) or a girl (if you're into girls) who wanted to take you to the park to feed the birds and look at the turtles and fish in the water on a date? dates are hard. Nothing guarantees that two people who really get along will figure out how to date. So, really, if something like that came up, and it was the right person, and there were no animals harmed, and it ended well, then I'm all for it.
  47. Do you use public pools? I'm not a big swimmer, but when the opportunity avails itself: sure
  48. Do you use public bathrooms? when the need arises, yes
  49. Do you use public showers? not as a rule
  50. How old will you be in 17 years? 2h+17
  51. Would it effect you at all if you knew that a very large meteor was headed towards earth that would impact in 17 years? it would in seventeen years!

[this is from the 5000-question meme, of which this is the second half of the seventh part; the title quotation is by Nicole Krauss, from The History of Love]


that unpoliced swirling of spirit whose sharing is a synonym for love

One creature, not the mollusk
clamped around an orgasm, but
more loosely biune, we are linked
by tugs of the blanket and dreams whose disquiet
trembles to the other body, creating
those eddies of semi-wakefulness wherein
we acknowledge the other is there
as an arm is there, or an ancestor,
or any fact admitted yet not known.

What body is warm beside mine,
what corpse has been slain
on this soft battlefield where we wounded
lift our heads to cry for water
or to ask what forces prevailed?
It is you, not dead, but entrusted
at my side to the flight the chemical mind
must take or be crazed, leaving the body
behind like matériel in a trench.

The moon throws back sunlight into the woods,
but whiter, cleansed by its bounce
amid the cold stars, and the owls
fly their unthinkable paths to pluck
the bleached shrew from her bed of leaves.
Dreaming rotates us, but fear
leads us to cling each to each as a spar
is clung to by the shipwrecked
till dawn brings sky-fire and rescue.

Your breathing, relaxed to its center,
scrapes like a stone on rough fiber,
over and over. Your skin, steeped
in its forgetting, sweats,
and flurries of footwork bring you near
the surface; but then your rapt lungs slip
with a sigh back into the healing,
that unpoliced swirling of spirit
whose sharing is a synonym for love.

[John Updike {1932-2009}, 'Sleeping with You', from Facing Nature]


love me or hate me, both are in my favour. If you love me, I'll always be in your heart... If you hate me, I'll always be in your mind

  1. Do you have a lust for life? well, there's a lust for something--is that close enough?
  2. Do you want to get more out of life? that would be very accurate, yes
  3. Would you want to learn to:
    • convert to Buddhism? not to convert, per se--since conversion necessitates a preexisting state--but I'd like to learn more about it, sure.
    • cure a hangover? I'm of the opinion that prevention is worth more than cure in that realm, and that a hangover earned ought to be suffered in stoicism and dignity
    • lie persuasively? no need to learn
  4. What character from a movie is most like you? today, I think it's 'Amy Pierson' from The Big Bad Swim

  5. Are you comfortable with the idea of your own death? no, but I don't think it's truly healthy (or sane) to be "comfortable" with the idea of one's own death
  6. How do you feel about arranged marriages? sure. Why not? No one could possibly choose a mate, prospectively or practically, as badly as I have.
  7. What do you hate that everyone else seems to like? showering in the morning
  8. What do you like that others seem to hate? circus peanuts
  9. If you had to be named after a month, which month would you pick? September
  10. Is time more like a highway or a meadow to you? time just...is. It's the space in which the highway or the meadow can be constructed or grow, and it's up to us to decide what will fill the space.
  11. What is your favorite movie? today, it's Office Space

  12. Which would you choose to be back in the day: a warrior, an alchemist, a minstrel, a bard, an oracle, a peasant, or a merchant? oracle, please
  13. What is your favorite song lyric? wow, no pressure! Uhm, today?

    How long 'til my soul gets it right
    Can any human being ever reach that kind of light
    I call on the resting soul of Galileo,king of night vision
    King of insight
  14. What will you never run out of? migraines, sarcasm, and Christmas wrapping paper
  15. If you could force someone to fall madly in love with you--anyone you choose--would you do it? it depends (of course). When I was dating the Village Idiot, one of my colleagues was big into "spell-casting." She got me a book about it, and (for about 34 seconds) I seriously contemplated the idea of bringing in that element to try and make things work with him. But the author of that book was vehement that, for every spell that can be cast, equal and opposite spells are out there, and opening the door means it stays open. Was I willing to make myself vulnerable to that type of influence? Did I really believe in it? If I did--enough to make it work--then I had to buy the rest of it, that it could work against me. I chose not to try.
  16. Have you ever seen the Disney movie The Black Cauldron? no
  17. Have you ever read The Black Cauldron by Alexander Lloyd (or any of his other books in the 'Prydain Chronicles')? no
  18. Have you ever written a paper the night before it was due? many, many times. Probably more often than not. (Not in their entirety, but finishing them.)
  19. How about the day it was due? once or twice, Hell yeah. I remember running through the halls from the computer lab with my hot-off-the-printer papers in hand more than once.
  20. Is there a movie you have watched so many times that you can quote it line for line? there are a few. One needs watching again soon...

  21. What is your favorite season? fancy boots. I mean, autumn.
  22. Do you mind being described as cute? I don't love it. Anything diminutive isn't much of a natural compliment to me. But I'll take it.
  23. What is the tackiest object in your home?
  24. What do you think people are most ignorant towards? using their headlights in fog, being respectful of others' personal space, and "people who aren't like them."
  25. What is it that makes you an interesting person? my blog? My razor-sharp wit? Or maybe my newly painted coffee table...

  26. What makes other people interesting to you? their blogs? Their willingness to entertain me. And...chemistry.
  27. How open to suggestion are you? I love the leader...

  28. Is Michael Jackson black or white? well. Not to be too disgusting or anything, but at this point I'd imagine he's a sort of vague gray?
  29. Are you often lonely? not often
  30. What’s the most unusual pet you’ve ever had? my former spouse had some fish who were unsatisfied with the twenty-gallon tank experience, and repeatedly tried to jump out the back. One weekend when we took an out of town trip, they succeeded in escaping, stuck to the wall, and died.
  31. Have you ever threatened an authority figure? "threatened" is such an ugly word
  32. If you had to choose would you rather make all your decisions henceforth with your head only or with your heart only? heart. That sounds crazy, but it's the "only" in that question that makes the real choice. Any decision made without any heart at all (or what I would consider "gut feelings") would be intolerable to me. Given that choice, there is no choice.
  33. How imaginative are you? very, very. Maybe too much.
  34. Do you like the Counting Crows? yup. Currently on my mind--

  35. If you took this survey from the diary (5000 Q Survey V2.0) did you note me so I could read it? I did not, but I will do so now. (Aaaaand my comment was marked as Spam. So, that was pointless.)
  36. Are you more tense or laid back? at work, I'm 97% fucking tense. In life, I'm about 77% laid back.
  37. Does your happiness depend on anyone else, or are you happy no matter what any one says or does? there's no blissful happiness when everything around me is burning down. But in general, yes, my happiness is inner- rather than externally-dependent.
  38. What do you think of the idea of putting the Bible into the format of a fashion magazine to attract the interest of teenagers? it's maybe the definition of asinine
  39. How often do you drink to get drunk? I can think of one time in the last four, maybe five years
  40. Would you consider yourself to be diplomatic? I can be, but it requires an effort that is not natural
  41. Do you think that most of the classes you have taken were taught in such a way as to make plain the relevance of the subject matter in your everyday life? many, if not most, of the classes that I have taken have little to no relevance in my everyday life. I'm not being sarcastic or facetious. It was unintentional, but I somehow ended up taking the most arcane, ridiculous conglomeration of esoteric weirdness that I could come up with, and calling it an education. I love it, as a collective and (mostly) in discrete parts, but it is essentially useless.
  42. Do you remember Crystal Pepsi? I do. I could even produce some in about 5 minutes if required to do so.
  43. When was the last time you spent a night away from home? uhm. I'm not sure I should answer that...?
  44. Some people say that there is no such thing as a stupid question. Is that true? not at all. One of my coworkers is good for almost nothing but the incredibly dumb things she says and does. One of her neatest tricks is to ask me something, and then, armed with the answer, to ask our coworker the exact same question, hoping for a different answer. These are not subjective questions, mind you. When given the same answer, then, she will turn around and go to the boss anyway.
  45. What is the most interesting TV channel? I'm sure I would not know
  46. Name one song you could live without hearing ever again: nope. I'm just not going to go there.
  47. Do your pets understand you when you talk? heck yeah
  48. What are three things you HAVE NOT done that might surprise people? that question made me laugh out loud.

    All right. Let's see. What haven't I done? That no one knows? That I'm willing to write about on the blog?
      I've never...
    • been to Vegas
    • touched a live bird on purpose
    • sold anything on eBay
  49. Have you ever had a secret admirer? I have, during high school. He somehow gained access to my locker combination, and over the course of a few weeks, maybe a couple of months, left me an array of notes and gifts (I recall socks--the striped athletic kind--and...cash). Strangely, it only got freaky when he started taking things out of my locker, notebooks and such, and thereby gained access to my truly private life. His notes became more personal and intrusive. By that time I was sort of corresponding with him, I suppose, by leaving notes in reply--why not?--and I told him that he had to reveal his identity.

    A week or so later, a friend drove out to my house (we lived in the country) with one of our mutual friends, and asked me to go up in his dad's plane with him. My parents were like, Uh, all right? So he took us back into town and out to the airport, and we (the two of us and his friend) and his dad went up, with a pilot, in a 6-seater, and buzzed around town. It was my first ride in an airplane. We went over the high school, and the store where I worked, and up around my neighborhood. It was incredibly cool, and I will never, ever forget that feeling. It was not very scary, even for someone with such a fear of heights as I have, but just exhilarating and awesome.

    And, while we were in the air, he said something about Shakespeare's sonnets. It was something that only the guy from my locker would have known. I whipped my head around and looked at him, shocked and betrayed, and he nodded. Clearly scared and proud at once.

    Alas, there really wasn't one. I wasn't too angry; he took me on my first airplane ride! He gave me gifts, and nice notes, and the attention I craved. But I also wasn't into him like he was into me...and we both knew it, probably realized it at the same time. That what he was hoping would happen wasn't happening. So we sort of stayed friends, but it was kind of weird, because there was always that intrusion, and that expectation, between us.

    The moral of this story: secret admirers are a blessing and a burden. Be careful what you wish for.
  50. Have you been to a museum this year? I have been in a museum, but I have not attended it for that purpose. I was there for a craft sale that took place on the premises.
  51. Do you ever watch porn? I am familiar with the genre

[From the 5000-question meme; this is the first segment of the seventh part. The title quotation is by William Shakespeare]


what are these unheard of sins you condemn so much - and like so well?

Another wander through my brain, in the endless search to figure out who I am...

this time, using the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI) SAMPLE

From the website, with pertinent bits (to me, of course) in italics:

The Observer (the Five)

Observers have a need for knowledge and are introverted, curious, analytical, and insightful.

Fives as Children Often

  • spend a lot of time alone reading, making collections, and so on
  • have a few special friends rather than many
  • are very bright and curious and do well in school
  • have independent minds and often question their parents and teachers
  • watch events from a detached point of view, gathering information
  • assume a poker face in order not to look afraid
  • are sensitive; avoid interpersonal conflict
  • feel intruded upon and controlled and/or ignored and neglected

How to Get Along with Me

  • Be independent, not clingy.
  • Speak in a straightforward and brief manner.
  • I need time alone to process my feelings and thoughts.
  • Remember that if I seem aloof, distant, or arrogant, it may be that I am feeling uncomfortable.
  • Make me feel welcome, but not too intensely, or I might doubt your sincerity.
  • If I become irritated when I have to repeat things, it may be because it was such an effort to get my thoughts out in the first place.
  • Don't come on like a bulldozer.
  • Help me to avoid my pet peeves: big parties, other people's loud music, overdone emotions, and intrusions on my privacy

What I Like About Being a Five

  • standing back and viewing life objectively
  • coming to a thorough understanding; perceiving causes and effects
  • my sense of integrity: doing what I think is right and not being influenced by social pressure
  • not being caught up in material possessions and status
  • being calm in a crisis

What's Hard About Being a Five

  • being slow to put my knowledge and insights out in the world
  • feeling bad when I act defensive or like a know-it-all
  • being pressured to be with people when I don't want to be
  • watching others with better social skills, but less intelligence or technical skill, do better professionally

[the title quotation is by Sinclair Lewis, from Main Street]