some things I've done today

In no particular order, some of the books I've checked in, sourced, and/or cat'ed today:

Echoes Upon Echoes: New Korean American Writings (ed. by Elaine H. Kim and Laura Hyun Yi Kang)

The Best of Mark Twain [8-volume set] from Oxford University Press:
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Pudd’nhead Wilson
Roughing It
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court
Life on the Mississippi
A Tramp Abroad
Innocents Abroad

Narcolepsy: A Funny Disorder that’s no Laughing Matter (Utley, Marguerite Jones)

The Oxford companion to Shakespeare (general editor, Michael Dobson)

The Oxford-Hachette French dictionary

Photography : an illustrated history (Martin W. Sandler)

The Oxford history of Mexico (edited by Michael C. Meyer and William H. Beezley)

The Oxford Russian dictionary

Spain : a history (edited by Raymond Carr)--I own this. Actually, I own the crappy, flea-bitten paperback version, but hey, it’s something.

Oxford Paravia il dizionario : Inglese Italiano, Italiano Inglese, concise

Prescription pain relievers (Olive, M. Foster.)

The Most Scenic Drives in America: 120 Spectacular Road Trips--First thing I saw in the index? "Ouray, Colo." First page at which I looked? 208: Winona [, Minn.]: "Leaving Frontenac State Park [via the Great River Road, called Highway 61 near Winona], you will pass Lake City, then Wabasha, then arrive in Winona. Built on a huge sandbar formed by the Mississippi thousands of years ago, the town sits in the shadow of lofty limestone bluffs that afford magnificent views of the river and Lake Winona. In this vicinity Rte. 61 parallels the Upper Mississippi National Wildlife and Fish Refuge, a vast network of wetlands, islands, forest, and prairie that border the Mississippi. Extending for some 260 miles through four states, this 200,000-acre preserve shelters some of the finest and rarest wildlife communities in the Mississippi Valley, including 292 species of birds--huge flocks of tundra swans congregate here in early November--118 kinds of fish, and many types of aquatic plants. For more information, write or call the refuge: 51 East Fourth St., Winona, MN 55987, or tel. 507-452-4232."
Oh, God, I miss home.

Crossing the Tracks for Love: What to do when you and your partner grew up in different worlds (Payne, Ruby K.)

Milk: A Novel (Steinke, Darcey)

Jean-Paul Sartre: A Life (Cohen-Solal, Annie)

The Politics of Lust (Ince, John)

The War Poems (Sassoon, Siegfried)

A Life (Maupassant, Guy de)

The Professor’s Daughter (Raboteau, Emily)

The Art of Kissing: 2nd rev. ed. (Cane, William)

Fatal Treasure: Greed and Death, Emeralds and Gold, and the Obsessive Search for the Legendary Ghost Galleon Atocha (Smith, Jedwin)

East to America: Korean American Life Stories (Kim, Elaine H. & Eui-Young Yu)

Getting Started Stringing Beads (Campbell, Jean)

Lighthousekeeping (Winterson, Jeanette)

A Factory of Cunning (Stockley, Philippa)

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