Being Responsive

It's odd, but I feel like I should apologize for pulling the tone of the blog out of the gutter.

I'm getting out of Dodge tomorrow. Driving home for the weekend. Staying with my parents, seeing a few friends. Taking some pictures, if all goes well. (I'm hoping for no snow. It would suck after the beautiful weather we've had 'down south' lately!)

Is there anything that y'all would like to see, in photographs? Anything about which I've written, or about which you're curious? I doubt that I'd include any of the actual people, but the places, surely. If you've any requests, drop an email or leave a comment, and I'll do my best to accommodate.

I probably won't post tomorrow; there's a work 'thing' that will likely take up most of my time throughout the day. But if all goes well, you'll hear from me over the weekend, from the great [green, please!] nort'.

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