Some of the books I've checked in, sourced, and cat'ed over the last couple of days, in no particular order.

The Language of Blood, by Jane Jeong Trenka

On American Soil: How Justice Became a Casualty of World War II, by Jack Hamann

Blood Struggle: The Rise of Modern Indian Nations, by Charles Wilkinson

North American Indian Art, by David W. Penney

High Tide: The Truth about our Climate Crisis, by Mark Lynas

Genuine Happiness: Meditation as the Path to Fulfillment, by B. Alan Wallace

Everything Arises, Everything Falls Away: Teachings on Impermanence and the End of Suffering, by Ajahn Chah

Jimi Hendrix: The Man, the Magic, the Truth, by Sharon Lawrence

The Illuminator, by Brenda Rickman Vantrease

Saying What’s Real: 7 Keys to Authentic Communication and Relationship Success, by Susan Campbell

Hip Hotels USA, by Herbert Ypma

After the Apple: Women in the Bible--Timeless Stories of Love, Lust and Longing, by Naomi Harris Rosenblatt

My Brother’s Passion, by D. James Smith

Gods in Alabama, by Joshilyn Jackson

The Lobotomist: A Maverick Medical Genius and his Tragic Quest to Rid the World of Medical Illness, by Jack El-Hai

Somebody’s Daughter, by Marie Myung-Ok Lee

Justice at War: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights during Times of Crisis, by Richard Delgado

The Path to Blitzkrieg: Doctrine and Training in the German Army, 1920-1939 and Quest for Decisive Victory: From Stalemate to Blitzkrieg in Europe, 1899-1940 by Robert Michael Citino. Citino was recently awarded one of the Society for Military History’s 2005 Distinguished Book Awards (which recognize the best book-length publications in English on military history, whether monograph, bibliography, guide, or other project copyrighted in the previous three calendar years) for his
Blitzkrieg to Desert Storm: The Evolution to Operational Warfare. He was, incidentally, my thesis advisor.

The James Beard Cookbook (3rd rev. ed.)

The Book of Dead Birds, by Gayle Brandeis

Existentialism: From Dostoevsky to Sartre (selected and introduced by Walter Kaufman)

Glamorama, by Bret Easton Ellis

The Fall, A Happy Death, and The Stranger, by Albert Camus

Run with the Hunted: A Charles Bukowski Reader (ed. by John Martin)

Race on Trial: Law and Justice in American History (ed. by Annette Gordon-Reed)

Collected Fictions, by Jorge Luis Borges

The Wild Boys, by William S. Burroughs

Dr. Sax and Desolation Angels, by Jack Kerouac

The Keepers of the House, by Shirley Ann Grau

Lord Jim, by Joseph Conrad

Martin Eden, by Jack London

La Reine Margot, by Alexandre Dumas

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