Yesterday was great. I had stayed up waaay too late the night before (that would be...Wednesday night) talking on the phone, as I am prone to doing. Got up fairly close to the usual time, which gave me around 3.5 hours of sleep. Made a half-hearted attempt at cleaning up the apartment in preparation for a visitor. Did the usual morning 'thang'. Dashed to the grocery store, grabbed a basket, and proceeded to buy the heaviest groceries ever. Stopped at the "dime store" on the way home and picked up two bunches of tulips: light pink and white. Got home, whonked the ends off of the tulips, salvaged what I could of the "fuck you" purple and variegated red/orange bunches into a smaller vase, put away the groceries, and scampered to work. Got a ridiculous amount of work completed in a relatively short time. Took some good-natured shit from my coworkers for some things that occurred quite beyond my control (thanks--you know who you are). Took part in a 2.5 hour, six-item-agenda'd Department Head meeting. (Which, I just remembered, leaves me with lunch for today, since I didn't finish my gi-normous Grilled Chicken Salad from PJ's. Yay!) After the meeting, I desultorily picked at my work while blathering/flirting endlessly with the Sleekster and waiting for [former "friend"].


.... Slept for more than 8 hours, and woke up this morning feeling better than I have in weeks.

Thank God for clarity

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