I wish.


I'm finishing my class. Reading the last assignment right now, as a matter of fact, at work. I've about 20 more pages to read, another CD lecture to absorb (40+ min. worth) and a pretty significant writing assignment to complete. And then, voila, another educational and work hurdle, well, hurdled. ("Cleared", I suppose, would've worked.) Therefore, no more posts until I'm all done.

Having dinner tonight with the new Head of Adult Services. She's cool--not at all a whore 'person with questionable fashion sense', like the last one. Tomorrow I'm having lunch with Coworker T, at her insistence. Odd, given that we've done that maybe twice in the last 8 years. But hey, whatever. And tomorrow evening, after work, I'm heading northward, to visit the 'rents and blow off a little steam. Not that the past three weeks or so have contributed to my overall steam level, eh?

There's a light at the end of the tunnel. No more class means evenings to myself. That means more time for reading (more book reviews) and writing. I've a folder replete with "stuff to blog about when there's time." There should be time, and there should be opportunity--I've called to arrange installation with my ISP. Home Internet service...ah!

I'll probably post some from Minnesota, but most of my time there will be spent (1) grubbing money from my parents, (2) "making it up to" friends I haven't taken the time for in the last several months, (3) looking for "those black pants" and a tight-tight-tight skirt, (4) scanning childhood photos (I need to advance my age on the blog somewhere beyond 1976!), and (5) taking more photographs of the same damned things: the river, the view from the deck, extreme closeups of flora, and probably some of my feet, doing various things. Getting into trouble, seeing as how they're part of me.

OK. Next dispatch from nort'.

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