Little Baby Ducks

A while ago, I wrote a post about the Tom T. Hall song "I Love". In it, he gives a list of things he loves--everything from little baby ducks to slow-moving trains. I've been thinking about that song lately (actually, it's been stuck in my brain like a succubus) and would like to, again, give a short list of things I love. First, though, I'll give the lyrics of the song, with things that I also love in italics.

I love little baby ducks,
old pick-up trucks,
slow movin trains, and rain.

I love little country streams,
sleep without dreams,
Sunday school in May, and hay.

And I love you too.

I love
leaves in the wind,
pictures of my friends
birds of the world, and squirrels.

I love coffee in a cup,
little fuzzy pups,
bourbon in a glass, and grass.

And I love you too.

I love honest open smiles,
kisses from a child,
tomatoes on a vine, and onions.

I love winners when they cry,
losers when they try,
music when its good, and life.

And I love you too.

I love...
  • American Science & Surplus. It's a store in Geneva, IL that has the most amazing, weird conglomeration of things. Great for browsing. Great for shopping. I'm hoping that they have the miner's helmet I've been seeking, for I will be there on Saturday! (My primary goal is to find little plastic glue bottles with long necks for work, and little teeny weeny plastic clear plastic bottles for beads.)

  • Pancakes for dinner. My new vice is Great River Milling mixes, produced in Fountain City, Wisconsin (very near my hometown). Last night I had Corn & Oat. Last week Thursday I had Buckwheat Buttermilk.

  • Toby Keith. I don't give a rat's ass about his politics (since whether or not I agree with his position, I'll defend [albeit not to the death] his right to spout it. All I'm claiming is that I love his music. See "Heart to Heart," below, which makes me feel warm inside every time I hear it.

  • The interconnectedness of my life. Some people disdain the idea of retaining attachments to those one knew "before," living by the motto that "one should never look back." In my way of thinking, I was drawn to someone earlier in my life, and if I have the opportunity to either retain or regain that connection--and we both choose to do so--then it is a positive, purposeful, healthy decision and relationship.

    I recently had dinner with a boyfriend from college, who has turned out to be an exponentially better friend than he was a boyfriend. (Although I have to take at least equal responsibility for the implosion of that form of the relationship.) That we sat across a table and shared a meal and several hours' excellent conversation, nearly 18 years after we met, is fantastic to me. Treasured!

    Also very recently, a friend from high school has come back into my life. At first I looked for an ulterior motive, some sort of 'revenge' rationale for his reappearance. But I think that I'm not giving myself enough credit. Like the friends who counseled that my friend who lives on the coast only pretended to like me because he was a serial killer bound for my blood, I was not allowing for the possibility that I could be that for which someone searched in friendship. That I might have something to offer, parallel to what I receive.

    What I'm trying to say is that I'm grateful for the winding vines of friendship and shared past. That sometimes old friends are the best friends--for what they bring out in us, and what we share in them--because they knew us 'when,' and still like us.

  • Listening to other people speak in a language other than English with no expectation that I should understand them. The otherness is comforting. (Brought to mind by the book I'm currently cat'ing: Le French for Le Snob: Adding Panache to Your Everyday Conversations, by Yvette Reche.)

  • Oreo's Uh-Ohs. "Golden Oreo" cookies with chocolate centers. Yummm!

    Oh. My. God.
    I just found, in a Google search, a recipe for Fried Oreo Cookies. No matter what I eat, or any of my friends eat (...J.P.R. and the pan 'o Mac-n-Cheese!), they will never have fallen to this depth. I hope!

  • My jump drive. I use a Lexar Elite 128 MB, and it has absolutely made my life easier. Now that I have high-speed internet access at home it's not so much of an issue, but when I was schlepping email messages home on the jump so I could write my replies at home (in Word) and then bring them with me to work (in the evening or the following day), the jump was so much more convenient than CD-RWs. My home computer doesn't have a floppy drive, so that was never an option. It's great, easy-to-use technology that really has made things better.

  • Watching movies while lying on my couch with the back cushions removed, drinking flavored sparkling water (current flavors in my fridge: Cran-Raspberry, Orange, and Lemon), with my puppy curled around me.

  • Reading several books at once. These selections are on my coffee table right now:
    The Asian Mystique by Sheridan Prasso
    Desired by Thea Devine
    The Tip-ping Point by Malcolm Glad-well [our lib.'s summer read]
    Killing Time by Linda Howard
    The Wife by Meg Wolitzer
    Lady in Red by Karen Hawkins
    No Ordinary Matter by Jenny McPhee--which, incidentally, has the best cover of the group
    A Lovesome Thing by Prue Leith

  • Staying up late, and sleeping late. I can't do it very often anymore, but I like to, when I can.

  • Chicken. (To eat, not to raise.)

  • Driving at night with the windows down, a good CD in the stereo, and something drinkable (as opposed to eat-with-a-spoonable) from Ollie's. Sometimes with someone else in the car, but most of the time, solo.

  • Chewbacca

What do you love?

Heart to Heart

(Toby Keith)

I watched him throw his oatmeal bowl
Halfway across the kitchen floor
His momma said don't let me see you do that anymore

And he let loose with a cup of orange juice
Right down the back of her dress
Without a doubt she lined him out
Then cleaned up the mess

Now he is just a chip off of the old block
Just like me we keep her on her toes a lot

But when he cries she'll match him tear for tear
When he laughs she'll grin from ear to ear
When he's wrong they'll stand there face to face
She can put him in his place
Side by side and hand in hand
She'll talk with daddy's little man
He knows that she's done her part
I'm watching God's love grow
Heart to heart

He'll grow to be six foot three
Yeah he's gonna be just like me
He'll be tall and play football
But he'll always be a momma's boy

And when he cries she'll match him tear for tear
When he laughs she'll grin from ear to ear
When he's wrong they'll stand there face to face
She can put him in his place
Side by side and hand in hand
She'll talk with daddy's little man
He knows that she's done her part
I'm watching God's love grow
Heart to heart

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