Sunday Brunch (a day late)

Blatantly ripped off from The Cat, who got it here.
  1. Are you an organized person?
    No. Certain people in certain circumstances might disagree, but I know that I am, at heart, a disorganized person.

  2. What is one thing about your home that has to be just so or it drives you crazy when it comes to organization?
    My books are in order, pretty much. Grouped, at least, by subject. I just have too many to be able to find anything if they're not grouped. There's a chunk of "miscellaneous nonfiction" in the foot-well of my desk, though. It's not that they're there because they defy categorization--I've just been lazy. My CDs are in order, too, by artist.

    The philosophy of 'having things just so', though, is wearing on me. Life is too short to spend it with a straight-edge in hand.

  3. Do you have one little nuance about your organization that most people consider to be a little over the top? What is it?
    Apparently my book situation is more than some people can appreciate, but it certainly works for me.

    "Over the top"? I'm not sure that I can answer that, so it's tempting to leave it up to discussion. However, for now I'll say that my shoe storage is...pretty regimented.

  4. What is your favorite organizational tool? (bins, closet organizers, etcetera)
    I like little boxes, although they're not really functional so much as pretty. For usefulness purposes, I like Tupperware. Not Rubbermaid or any of the clones, but the real deal. Especially Midgets. I think I have 5 sets right now, for everything from beads to cake decorating tools and ingredients.

  5. Where is your favorite place to buy organizational needs?
    Target. I love Target.

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