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I just made a nominal donation to HaloScan and upgraded to "premium" comments functioning. What this means for y'all is that there's a 10,000-character limit (as opposed to 3000) per comment, and that there are no ads at the bottom of the comment box. I, in the background, get boatloads of increased functionality for a measly $12 per year. The entire process took a half hour, of which I "worked" less than 1 minute. Sweet. Go HaloScan!

Today is a mental health day, or a sick-'o-work day, or whatever we'd like to call it. I'm not there now, and I'm not going there later. My day has consisted of the following, so far:
  • Turn off the shrieking alarm clocks around 9:15. There wasn't much point in even trying to sleep that long, since the trucks and pallet lifter had been reversing for more than an hour by then. BeepBeepBeep, ad nauseam.

  • Eat breakfast. I cannot function without either the substance of breakfast (e.g. cereal) or the promise of a major, making-up-for-the-wait breakfast (e.g. blueberry pancakes and bacon), first thing.

  • Check my email (while eating). Personal messages from two friends, with one of whom I've been quite remiss in communicating. (Sorry!) Impersonal "quote-of-the-day" and comic strips (I subscribe to Dilbert, Calvin & Hobbes, and Peanuts), too.

  • Take a long, hot shower. Long, because I finally had time to do it. Hot, because the warmer the shower, the cooler my apartment feels afterward.

  • Braid hair in a sort of 3-part French deal. I think I might be getting too experimental with it, but it's staying up so I don't really care how it looks. ;)

  • Dress: rose-colored camisole and khaki shorts. I have no idea whether I'll leave the apt. today, so there's no reason to be more covered than this.

  • Brew tea, stronger than Guinness but a fair lot better tasting.

  • Upgrade HaloScan.

  • Hop on Blogger to proselytize about HaloScan.
And now, I'm off to do something else. There are many, many things on my "to do" list/heap: reading review journals (to select books for the lib.); craft overdue replies to correspondence; pedicure; wash dishes; finish a necklace that I started a week ago for the box that I was going to send to J#n!c@ in...May, perhaps?; write the FY05 grant report, so that if we get the FY06 grant I won't be behind before we start; make changes to the coll dev plan that's been sitting on the chair in the [home] office for...months; do some financial strategizing; make the bed. Instead, I'm going to curl up on the couch and read a novel, and drink my so-strong-you-could-stand-a-fork-in-it tea. Ah, vacation: I've earned it.

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