furry photos and some red skin

black and bleary I'm feeding the girls while their caretaker is out of town. (Yup, again.) We had photo-session number one tonight. They were more cooperative than the last time, perhaps because I used more ambient light and less flash. The black one is still not particularly camera-friendly, but the gray one compensates by being overly cute. gray and gregarious

I'm writing again because my across-the-hall neighbors (not the Mexican Polka, but the family of 3 who are 'not from here') chose tonight to have a FUCKING HUGE party. There are at least a dozen cars in the parking lot which have disgorged their contents into an apartment no larger than mine. Unless they are completely without furniture, that's got to be a tight fit. And hotter than the bottom of my laptop, which is fry-an-egg-able. They're playing some music that has a rather intense beat. And, oh, by the way, it's after midnight! If their toddler isn't freaking out, they must be doing some weird stuff with him or her on a daily basis.

So I can't sleep.

But it was a very good day, so I'm not unhappy to be savoring it for a few more moments, even under less than fabu circumstances. I played in the water today, for the first time this season. Laughed many times, and harder than I have in a while. I earned a uniform sunburn on my nose and some streaky burns on my back and shoulders. Discovered what a pain in the ass (or a physical impossibility) it is to apply lotion to a sunburn on one's own back. I haven't had to do that in a while. But the burn, and the gyrations to ease it, are more than worth the fun I had today.

I hope you all could say the same.

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