more than fair (movie review)

Wonderful. Amazing, fantastic, exciting, sad, horrifying. I'd read about the battles in Belgium where the British fought the French under Napoleon. Even this sanitized, beautified, huge-breasted version of history, war is terrible. The dogs, and the flies, and the blood.

The side story, of William (Rhys Ifans) and Amelia (Romola Garai), is heart-wrenching and lovely.

I am, even as I write this, placing a request for the Thackeray's book. I need to know whether the thrall that I've been in for 2 hours is for the story, or the inimitable Reese Witherspoon. Or, prehaps, the tragic Rawdon Crawley, played by James Purefoy.

Yes, Vanity Fair is a wonderful film. I'll not soon forget it.

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