the anesthesia of nostalgia

I'm starting to understand why people watch movies when they're depressed. It's possible to waste huge spans of time like a zombie in front of the TV. Tonight's selection [alone] was An American in Paris. Why didn't anyone ever tell me that this is a fantastic film? I adore Gene Kelly, and he's wonderful in the role of Jerry Mulligan, a former GI, living in Paris because he's a painter and it's the best place in the world to do that. A wealthy young American woman, Milo Roberts (played by the gorgeous, elegant Nina Foch) takes him under her wing, sponsoring his art--essentially in the hope that it will make him fall for her. Unfortunately for her, he's met the one: Leslie Caron, elfishly cute (and hugely talented) in the role of Lise Bouvier. Unfortunately for Jerry, Lise has a man in her life, Henri Baurel, played by the stunningly handsome French singer/actor Georges Guétary. The four dance around each other (allow me a pun occasionally!) in the most fetching manner, singing (Guétary is a genius!) and laughing.... Sigh. I loved this film. And here, as a short tease, is the best exchange of all:

Adam: "You're a busy little man these days."

Jerry: "Adam, I'm hooked. That girl's it. ... What gets me is, I don't know anything about her. We manage to be together for a few moments and then off she goes. Sometimes we have a wonderful time together and other times it's no fun at all. But I got to be with her."
Adam: "Yup, you're hooked."

Watch An American in Paris. I love Singing in the Rain, but this is head and shoulders above it.

Tomorrow I'll put together something on the other couple of movies I've seen recently that I completely forgot to review: The Aviator, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

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