why does it matter?

Today was my birthday. I like birthdays in general, but not so much in the specific. There's something vaguely disappointing about a birthday as an adult. Some wit once said, "Love is a bit like a vacation: anticipated with relish, experienced with inconvenience, and remembered with nostalgia." Grown-up birthdays are somewhat the same.

What I love:

~ dinner with friends with whom I laugh more than I eat. At various times, each of us went without a bite for several minutes because we were telling such great stories.
~ friends with whom to have such dinners
~ the hilarious propaganda on my shampoo bottle. It's a mini (1.7 fl. oz./50 ml) bottle of Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Shampoo. In English, it reads: "Smoothes and softens unruly hair." In French: "Lisse et adoucit les cheveaux indisciplinés." Heavens, undisciplined hair?! The horror! In Spanish: "Alisa y suaviza et cabello revoltoso." Now my hair is revolting, simply because I have not yet used this shampoo? There's also a German phrase, but my appreciation of that language is so poor that I'm not sure I could make a joke about it.
~ jambalaya from Nat's on Maple, even though my face melted off because it was so f***ing hot [spicy]. I forgot that normal people make the dish with shrimp, but once I'd segregated the weird little buggers onto my salad plate, all was comfy again.
~ my local Target store. I ran out of allergy medicine (Alavert-D) about 3 weeks ago. Apparently, so did Target. They received some today, and the pharmacist called me to let me know that they'd restocked. I could've kissed her, but instead I bought 2 boxes. Mmmm, breathing!
~ birthday presents
~ hot dogs
~ the color, and the word, periwinkle
~ the Parmesan vinaigrette at Al Capone's Hideaway. I, the "I'll eat it if it's right in front of me" salad-eater, had a dream about this dressing. That's how good it is.
~ making my friends laugh
~ talking about libs. with other people who give a shit about libs.
~ sleep. Time to do that.

I'll be at the Cubs v. Marlins game tomorrow. 1:20 first pitch. I don't know where the seats are, but they're close enough that I was told to expect foul balls. If you have WGN, you might want to look for me :) O'course, if you don't know what I look like...you can just enjoy the game. Zambrano v. Beckett, which thrills me. Tee hee! Yummy summer baseball.

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