murder is the best revenge

No, wait, that's a different blog.

Today was a better day. I drank orange juice, water, tea (Republic of Tea Blueberry Fair Trade, which is much better than it sounds, and I'm not even a real Blueberry fan), Coke, and skim milk. My parents were here from 3:15 yesterday afternoon through 5:15 this morning--I can, therefore, relate to much of what Popeye wrote in his most recent post. I came home today with a full head of steam, intending to finish Cindy's birthday present (see, I too have procrastinated it), reply to a bunch of email (hi DKBN!), and accomplish several household duties. Alas, I've started some things on fire (candles), drowned some things (dishes--soaking but not washing), shifted some stuff off one surface and onto another, read 40 pages in a new book, watched my second-favorite TV show [which shall remain nameless], and tried to avoid looking out the window.

Can you guess how many times I've looked out the window?

Thursday will be different.

I know, I should shoot for today being different, or even for this hour to be different. But Thursday's guaranteed to diverge from the norm, so I'm holding to that and winging the rest.

More water. That's what I need....

One more thing: I've added a Bloglines button on the right sidebar for the blog's [Haloscan] Comments. Maybe I'm the only obsessive freak, but it's convenient to get the feed for them.

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