falling in love again

'Tis the season to fall in love with clothes that I can't afford and don't especially need. In no particular order...

[photo no longer available]

The Eddie Bauer Short Wool/Cashmere Plaid Skirt, in Black. It's shorter than any of my other skirts. I know it's kind of "demure", but it's totally me.

BCBG [awesome] Satin Bustier
The BCBG Satin Bustier, in Black, of course. (The Ivory [I know that it looks pink, but they claim that it is "Ivory"] is a bit too, um, bridal???) I have no clue where I would wear it, or if I would wear it (like, under a cotton cardigan to work? BWA ha ha ha ha!), but I think it's fabulous.

Funky + kind of weird Kenneth Cole tall boots
Kenneth Cole 'Christine' Knee High Suede Boots in Graphite. Funky, strange, unlike anything I've ever had before, and I have no clue what I'd wear with them. But that, I think, is one of the real mysteries of love--the "I don't know what I'm going to do with this now that I've got it" moment. Mmmm...booots.

The 'Romantic Gown' from Yosa. Although it is available in a variety of colors, I think that this sort of cornflower blue is the most 'me', eh? But I have to say, in all reality, where would I wear it? (It would require a hell of a big deal!) What shoes would I wear with it? (Ballet slippers? Something with ankle laces? Short boots might be appropriate, though not terribly dainty.) How would I wear my hair? (Curls. Definitely curls! Messy, loopy, swept-up curls.) And what would a guy wear, if I was on his arm wearing this? (It is too difficult to imagine. I'm not even going to bother.)

I'm not such a weirdo, just a little bored, possessed of cable and a decent computer--and an active imagination--and suddenly interested in the way that I look. This little wave of greediness will settle, truly, and I'll go back to being my "normal" self. I promise.

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