Friday's Feast, c/o Cat at Sweet Memes:

What was the last game you purchased?
Trivial Pursuit, for sure. I think it was the 50th anniversary set.

Name something in which you don't believe.
"I'll always be there for you when you need me."

If you could choose a television personality to be your boss, who would you pick?
Dr. Garret Macy [Miguel Ferrer] on Crossing Jordan. He's brilliant, intuitive, half-cracked, and practically disfunctional. It doesn't hurt that he's gorgeous (in one of those 'difficult to explain but you know it if you know it' sort of ways), is always well dressed, and has an amazingly sexy voice.
The morgue bit would have to go, though.

Main Course
What was a lesson you had to learn the hard way?
There's always someone to blame.

Describe your idea of the perfect relaxation room.
A tall king-sized bed covered in blue & green pillows and a thin (i.e. light) down comforter. Off to one side, a 2-person recliner (have you seen these? Remarkably sensible and fun, too) facing a monstrous TV and media setup. Books galore, and good reading lamps. A laptop or two, wireless. Lots of windows opening to a clearing before a stand of trees and then a river. Velvet curtains to easily cover the windows for total darkness if desired. A small refrigerator full of Coke. A silent electric kettle and a small pot for tea. A toaster and English muffin bread. Lots of paper, including stationery, and pens and a clipboard (because there's still nothing better to write on, on your lap). Beads & tools.

And the right person to share it with.

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