what's your fantasy?

  • What's your name? oh, great--now the Ting Ting's "That's Not My Name" is going to be running through my head for the next day and a half.

  • How tall are you? still 162.6 cm

  • What color are your eyes? today, they're something like 66CCFF

  • What color is your hair? sweet toffee, with tawny bronze and baked lemon

  • Are you male or female? yes indeed I am

  • What is your best physical feature? depends. Shoulders, maybe?

  • What's your shoe size? 7.5ish

  • Glasses, yes or no? have 'em. Don't wear 'em often.

  • Did you ever have braces? yup

  • On a typical day you are wearing... jeans, black sandals, black blouse, typical residuals

  • When you go to bed you're wearing... nothing

  • How often do you exercise? rarely


  • Name two of your favorite bands? Pearl Jam & Papa Roach (I'm in the P's of iTunes)

  • Name two of your favorite singers? Kate Nash & Matt Nathanson

  • Name two songs you currently love:? "Hot Mess" by Uncle Kracker

    & "Solsbury Hill" by Peter Gabriel, which has rolled back into my consciousness from God knows where

  • Name one song that describes your life right now? "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake

  • Name one song that describes your life 1 year ago? "Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop" by Landon Pigg

  • What are the preset stations in your car? no clue. One of them might be WGN?

  • What's the last CD you bought? the New Born 2 EP by Elbow

  • Was the last CD you burned an actual CD or a mix? a mix, called "I Really Want This"

  • Name one band you're embarrassed to like but do? if I was embarrassed, I'd hardly blather it all over my blog, would I?

  • If you could only attend 1 concert ever again, it would be? not such a fan of concerts. Maybe something classical

  • Name one band or singer you absolutely can't stand? his compound last name is a fruit and an outdoor sleeping arrangement

  • Name a group you use to like but feel you've grown out of? I don't think of it as "outgrown." My musical taste transforms, and is constantly changing.


  • Name your favorite actor: Jean Reno

  • Name your favorite actress: ever? Adrienne Shelley

  • Name your favorite television show right now: NCIS

  • Name a really cool movie you have recently seen: Lost in La Mancha

  • Your favorite canceled television show? ReGenesis

  • Name one movie you wish you hadn't wasted time and money on: I wasn't too hot on The Breakup

  • You would never watch a movie with...? most people. I tend to multi-task (which is distracting to others) and I have odd habits besides.

  • Three favorite TV channels? wow, I really can't be bothered to even fake an answer to this

  • Favorite reality show? sports

  • Favorite character on a reality show? athletes in general


  • coffee :: Iced (hi, D!)

  • dog :: Wiener

  • slut :: Wonder- (hi, Reed)

  • candy :: bar

  • pole :: -dancer

  • ocean :: eyes (don't ask me - that one's strictly subconscious)

  • brave :: free

  • loving :: kiss (hi, E)

  • cookie :: Shawn's

  • death :: -ray

  • life :: -mate

  • child :: sweet (hi, Cat)

[yup, this reminds me of the good days of Molson Canadian]

  • Eaten by a lion OR Eaten by thousands of small insects? lion, please

  • Skydiving from a plane OR Bungee jumping off a bridge? neither. I'll take the insects, above.

  • No television OR No music? no television by a landslide

  • No more pizza, ever OR No more chocolate, ever? no more chocolate

  • A trip to Europe OR a trip to Hawaii? trip to Europe, assuming I can choose my destination. Bulgaria would not thrill me.

  • An hour with your future soul mate OR An hour with a lost loved one? since the former is a logical impossibility, I'll choose the latter--which would have been my preference regardless

  • Sex without love OR love without sex? sex without love. I've had the latter and it's no picnic. (Assuming that this is in a marriage, of course.)


  • Are you currently in a relationship? I'm currently in several relationships. Too numerous to count.

  • Are you currently looking [for] or interested in someone? not exactly

  • Are you a virgin? ha! hahahahahahaha

  • If yes, how long do you plan to be one? [N/A]

  • How many times have you been in love? twelve

  • Looking back, how do you feel about that person now? ?? This question is rather more odd than most.

  • Name three physical things you look for in someone? eyes, lips, and hair (or lack of same)

  • Biggest turn offs include? long walks on the beach, puppies, and failure to appreciate my unique sense of humor

  • Your ideal date would be? ...unlikely to appear on the blog in purely accurate form

  • You want to get married, where, when, how? not really, thank you

  • Does anyone have feelings for you right now that you don't return? yes. Not sure who, but I'm certain of it.


  • The one you immediately go to with a problem? depends on the problem. Debbie is the first to come to mind, but she's by no means the only one I would count on (or trouble).

  • The most rational? Tom

  • The funniest? Deb

  • The one you spend the most time on the phone with? Debbie, by a landslide

  • The craziest? Heidi

  • The most honest? none of them are particularly dishonest, but...the Cat

  • The purest? Susan

  • The smartest? wow, that varies widely depending on the subject. First reaction: Jer

  • The most athletic? Rob

  • The most compassionate? Debbie

  • The one most likely to get thrown in jail? Dan

  • The last one that who said I love you? ...shall remain nameless



  • Male Friend: Mumbler. I know! So weird.

  • Female Friend: there are several

  • Vacation: Miami. Just thinking about it makes me swoony. Oklahoma will always mean something very precious to me, but that was the person, not the place. Miami--that's the place.

  • Memory: just one? today at lunch was outstanding


  • Time of day: no contest: waking up

  • Day of the week: Monday. Dreaded Monday.

  • Food: cooked carrots

  • Memory: flipping through my mental index cards of bad memories...I'll choose Brian from Madison walking out the door


  • Talked to on the phone: my dad. Blargh.

  • Text: Mumbler

  • Messaged over Facebook: a very dear friend from college


  • What are you doing right now? listening to "Miami" by Counting Crows (no surprise there), drinking water, and typing

  • Wearing? white yoga pants & navy cami

  • Better than yesterday? sorta yeah

  • Did you see the person you like? I saw several people I like. A couple that I love. One or two that I'd like to shove off a cliff.

  • What’s the weather? 61° and clear. Perfect sleeping weather


  • Is? Thursday--the day before my damned birthday

  • Got any plans? work, 2 meetings, and packing for a few days north

  • Dislikes about tomorrow? work, 2 meetings, and packing for a few days north


  • Number: 7 or 13

  • Song: "What's Your Fantasy" by Ludacris always makes me dance

  • Season: autumn

  • Cartoon: I should say The Simpsons but... Bugs Bunny


  • Missing someone: of course

  • Mood: moody

  • Wanting: sleep

  • Listening to: the song from that last YouTube video (which is hilariously "explicit")

True or False (bolded items are true)

I am a morning person
I am currently in my PJ’s
I am currently suffering from a broken heart
I can be paranoid at times
I currently regret something that I have done
I curse frequently
I enjoy country music
I enjoy hip hop

I enjoy techno/trance (less than some other genres)
I enjoy talking on the phone
I have a hidden talent
I have a secret that I am ashamed to reveal
I have all my grandparents
I have at least one brother and/or sister
I have been told that I have an unusual sense of humor
I have done something illegal
I have had major/minor surgery
I have had my hair cut within the last 2 months
I have had the cops called on me

  • Single or Taken: single

  • Eye color: still that same blue

  • Hair: still that same blond/brownish

  • Height: still 162.6 cm

  • Righty or lefty: very right

[from ze Cat, who got it here]


  1. I <3 the Ting-Tings!

    "...odd habits" during movie-watching? hmmmm

    My child is NOT sweet. Or, do you mean something totally different.

    "Bulgaria would not thrill me." OMGLOLBBQ

    Lack of lips and eyes?

    Puppies are cure, heathen!

    Too honest?? (seriously?)

  2. The Ting Tings are very 'you'.

    Anything G'n'R reminds me of you, which is how I meant it. But Sparky can also sometimes approach sweetish, at least in my direction - you trained him well.

    Y'know, I hadn't meant the obvious when I mentioned Bulgaria, but you're right. It really wouldn't thrill me to have ANYTHING to do with him. I mean it.

    Lack of hair--now you're just being silly!

    Puppies are a cure for turn-ons, yes.

    Not too honest. You just happen to be what I would consider, um, blunt...ish. At times. Not that it's a bad thing!

  3. Damn, I totally can't type lately. Jeez, puppies are cute. I'm usually silly, when I'm not being blunt. :-)