gifts are like the gold which adorns the temple...

  1. How seriously do you take gift-wrapping when you give gifts? it's usually a part of the gift, meaning that I put a good deal of thought into how things are packaged, wrapped, and arranged--and especially, if there is more than one item, the order in which things are opened.

  2. Do you save gift-wrapping to re-use later? never. This reminds me, in a funny/sad way, of my former spouse's family. His female relatives were militant about the reuse possibilities of gift wrap, and never failed to shudder at my "inability" to open gifts without ripping the paper into tiny, useless shreds.

    It's single-use stuff. Get used to it.

  3. How picky are you when it comes to selecting wrapping paper? very. ! I will definitely find a different store that carries what I want, if my first stop fails me. Heavy, opaque paper is key to the whole process, and I almost never get non-dotted patterns. Am I starting to sound a little too tightly-wound to anyone else...?

  4. How much attention do you pay to the way gifts you receive are wrapped? not much at all. I mean, I will notice if the paper is taped to the gift itself (tape is annoying, so peeling it off of a gift is even more so), but beyond that, I'm really just all about the loot.

  5. Among people you know, who is the most talented at wrapping gifts? Coworker T makes her own gift-y stuff, so I guess she could fall into this category. Coworker Footwear used the world's most awesome gift bag [see below] for my birthday this year. Debbie is terrific with coordinating things and also a great wrapper (she and I seem to have the same wrapping sensibilities). However, I am a regular shopper at a a jewelry store in my hometown, and a couple of times a year I have them gift wrap for me. The precision and beauty with which they prepare those little packages is unsurpassed by mere mortals, and when I give those gifts I cringe in shame at the way my own wrapping looks by comparison. So: Morgan's Jewelers.

chuck prophet
[from The Cat, who got it here; "...but grace is like the altar which sanctifies the gold." {William Burkitt, Expository Notes with Practical Observations on the New Testament}]


  1. I'm in love with that quote...you are hot on pithy quotes this week!

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