now the only time I can hold you is in my mind

  1. What are 5 things that you hope to accomplish this week?
    I'm cheating on this one, since the week's nearly over.
    • Replenish the booze supply. (Check! Picked up some Molson Canadian--whew--and Cruzan aged on the way home from ze sal√≥n yesterday.)
    • Laundry. Again.
    • Sell the damned car.
    • Figure out the iLike playlist thing for work. (Done!)
    • Pay bills. (Um, tonight? Maybe?)

  2. Name 5 reasons to sleep in.
    • Just 'cause. Seriously, there's no reason not to sleep in!
    • Hung over.
    • Still drunk.
    • Snow day!
    • Having a good dream that you just don't want to end.

  3. Name 5 of the 'interesting' things you've heard lately.
    • The Hot Nephew married a badger.
    • My most fashionable friend agreed with the boots-with-velvet-dress style notion (at least in theory)!
    • Vanuatu may not be as far away as I once thought.
    • My phone number was requested...from the delivery guy. What. The. Hell.
    • "Lost Myself in Search of You" by Matt Nathanson

  4. Name and link to 5 bloggers.

  5. What are the 5 items that are always on your grocery list?
    • cereal
    • bread
    • milk
    • eggs
    • lemonade

[from The Cat, who got it here]

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