lost as I wasted my time

  1. My ex is... a good person, but happier (without a doubt) where he is now
  2. I should learn to... change my oil
  3. I love... the smell of napalm...
  4. People would say that I am... a little sharper than necessary
  5. I don't understand... science
  6. When I wake up in the morning... I want more sleep
  7. I lost... a good friend, and he/she can't see that it's his/her own damned problem
  8. Life is... too short to waste it fretting about other peoples' decisions
  9. My past taught me... relatively nothing, considering the magnitude of human history
  10. I get annoyed... far too easily
  11. Parties are... anticipated with dread, experienced with equivocation, and remembered with relish
  12. I wish... ...I could be more like someone you wish that I could be
  13. Dogs and cats... are analogous to human emotional types
  14. My childhood pets... were a rough bunch. Our ability to pick 'em improved over time.
  15. Tomorrow is... hair color day! (Postponed from Wednesday, a.k.a. snowpocalypse 2011)
  16. I have a low tolerance for... sucking up
  17. If I won a million dollars... I'd blow it all on booze and clothes
  18. I'm terrified of... big dogs and heights
  19. I've come to realize... that being by myself is more satisfying and comfortable than wading through other peoples' expectations and drama.
  20. I am listening to... "The Cool, Cool River" by Paul Simon. "The rage, the rage of love turns inward"
  21. I talk... to cats like they understand every word I'm saying
  22. My best friend(s)... have all seen the above scenario occur
  23. My first kiss... is one for which I am literally eternally grateful; that young man changed my life. I wonder if he knew that, at any point?
  24. I am thankful for... warm socks and the smile on the face of a friend
  25. Marriage is... a planet that I doubt I'll visit again
  26. Some where, someone is... listening to "The Cool, Cool River" and wondering if they're the only one whose heart beats faster as the horn section rises. They're not.
  27. I'll always be... a book nerd
  28. The last time I really cried was... not too long after Toby "let slip" some shocking news about Ulysses, which turned out to be untrue and very convenient for his own needs
  29. My cell phone is... quiet. Hasn't made a peep in half a day - the Mumbler's otherwise occupied.
  30. Before I go to bed... I'll write a few pages in my journal, which is about 1/4 filled
  31. My middle name... is a proper name, a noun, and a verb
  32. Right now, I am thinking... about Toby, and how well he faked me. The planets aligned to help him--and pressure from my former friend aided his cause, too.
  33. Yesterday I... made pork chops and scalloped potatoes for dinner, which was terrific and a good reminder of why I should cook more often
  34. Tomorrow I will be... seriously trying to get to the bottom of the office clutter so I can rearrange the furniture
  35. I really want to... sleep until the 25th at least
  36. The person most likely to re-post this is... not going to, since she already did
  37. The person least likely to re-post this is... pretending he doesn't read the blog. I know you're out there! ;)
  38. My relationship with my grandparents... wasn't much to speak of. One died before I was born, another when I was pretty little, another when I was in high school, and the last when I'd just started college. Since I've 20-some cousins on each side and am pretty much square in the middle of the bunch, age-wise, I was an "anonymous girl-child". No hard feelings, just...not much feeling, really, either.
  39. My most treasured possession is... a little pink card
  40. My favorite pictures... are on my iPod
  41. I sing... anytime I forget myself. Realized that I was jamming earlier this afternoon, which should've been embarrassing but there was no one around so I just didn't care.
  42. If I were a crayon... I would be in a constant state of metaphysical terror, given that I'm motherfucking sentient
  43. Someday I want to travel to... Canada, eh? I've heard the bowling is marvelous.
  44. I am wearing... two layers of clothes. Stoopid groundhog.
  45. My favorite class... in law school was Evidence. Why? It made sense, unlike all of the rest of them. If one understands the rules of evidence, the advantages are endless. I especially liked "subsequent remedial measures."
  46. My favorite language is... Fortran
  47. It hurts... but don't throw your hand
  48. I’m amazed... by how hard I can laugh at "Damn You Auto Correct"--and by how lame I think the book would be
  49. My profile picture is... cute but boring. Next time I'm back home I'll try to unearth something no one's ever seen.
  50. I need... ...more than I want to get into here. For now, I'll just promise to put up my "excellent Valentine's Day gift ideas" post tomorrow; that should satisfy one version of this question.

[You know where I got it. She got it here; title quotation from "El Matador" by Semisonic]


  1. If I were a crayon... I would be in a constant state of metaphysical terror, given that I'm motherfucking sentient :))

    I’m amazed... by how hard I can laugh at "Damn You Auto Correct"--and by how lame I think the book would be

    I laughed hard at the first one because it was so unexpected and then when I went to the link in the second, I think I laughed even harder ;))

  2. I was surprised that the crayon/sentience bit didn't get a reaction before.

    Just read some DYAC while eating lunch, and nearly choked on my BBQ beef & beans over "Jesus, Mary & Jerome." :))