belly, maybe?

You bore me. So be it.
I bore you and enjoy doing it.
Let us learn to bore each other
without worrying about it.
You act all shy around me,

and that's your prerogative.
If I act shy around you,
it's because you're pretty
and I want to kiss you.
I wish I were Canadian.

If I were Canadian,
I could be boring and
get away with it. You'd say,
This man is from Canada.
He bores me. He acts shy.

He wants to kiss me.

And you would let me
kiss you not only on the lips
but on the cheek, neck,
shoulder; belly, maybe?

Because I would be Canadian
and have scruffy hair
and big eyes. But, alas,
you bore me, too. You
act like you're from Michigan.

[Aaron Belz, 'you bore me', from Lovely, Raspberry: Poems]


  1. This is great. Really superb.

  2. His book is awesome--way funnier than most poetry. He doesn't take himself, or his craft, too seriously. Glad you liked it! :)