look, all I know is that you're the nicest thing I've ever seen

  • Outside my window...it's raining and a strong wind is blowing. People at work were whining about this weather today, but I kind of like it. It suits me, and it's a clear sign of spring.
  • I am thinking...about mix CDs (listening to the mustachioed one), pedicures, text messaging, and dates
  • I am thankful for...friends
  • From the kitchen...I can hear my dirty dishes calling, "Wash me." Yes, it's probably time.
  • I am wearing...the home-alone-in-the-evening uniform: PJ pants (rolled up to accommodate the pedicure) and a college t-shirt from a school I did not attend
  • I am creating...17 mix CDs. I usually have at least that many simmering at any one time.
  • I am going...to have dinner with a former coworker sometime next week. Looking forward to it. I'm also going to stay the fook away from the bar.
  • I am reading...3 books of poetry and 2 novels. No, 3 novels. And 2 nonfiction (1 for work and 1 because I love the author, though the subject matter is onerous).
  • I am hoping...that the Mumbler miraculously pulls his incredibly selfish shit together in the next month - though I'm not really expecting it.
  • I am hearing..."You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do as You're Told)" by the White Stripes. Man, this is a harsh but brilliant mix.
  • Around the house...I've accumulated a couple dozen boxes, and I've started packing. Shit's gettin' real.
  • One of my favorite things...is usually something I should avoid.
  • I don't understand...ATMs, men, or how to run a cash register.
  • I wish...you couldn't figure me out but you always wanna know what I was about
  • A few plans for the rest of the week...include taking a warm shower, getting a decent night's sleep (oh please oh please oh please), working tomorrow, maybe hanging around at the tattoo place on Saturday, and otherwise packing books and winter clothes and weirdo kitchen stuff.
  • A picture to share...This is home, and it looks pretty damned good right now. I could definitely go for a walk by the river (or five) to clear my head.
[Can you guess where I found this? That's right! And before that, it was here. That "I wish" bit is from Kate Nash's song Nicest Thing, and so is the title quotation.]

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