the human mind is not a terribly logical or consistent place

  • If you use public transport: what's your biggest pet peeve while out and about?
    people who exceed the reasonable space/time/energy limits of the situation. Stretching out to maximum length, so that others need to step over their feet (rather than simply tucking their feet below their seat or at least as near to it as possible), for instance. Wandering away from their own seats in order to find a completely open overhead bin in which to smash their carry-on, which requires backing up the line of people finding their seats before take-off, and then backing up the line of people trying to deplane, too. Getting onto a bus without change (or, worse, without cash), and expecting the driver to wait for them to make change or accommodate their own failure to plan.
  • Do you know anyone who has a naturally loud voice, where it sounds like are shouting but they really aren't?
    pretty much everyone I work with has some form of this, whether in their own habits or in what they allow or encourage in others. That alone brings me closer to a complete meltdown than any other thing than I encounter each day.
  • Is there anything you are scared/awkward about talking about in life?
    there are plenty of topics that I choose not to discuss with certain people, or in specific situations, because it will be awkward or difficult for me or for others. But no, I wouldn't really say that I'm scared or awkward about them in general. As I understand it, I tend to be more open than others, generally, and can just get out stuff that others won't even start. Whether that's good or bad, though, is up for interpretation.
  • Has a pet ever stolen food from you as you were eating it?
    not my own pet, no
  • When was the last time you had to cancel plans because you were sick?
    it's been quite a while. I've postponed a night out within the last six months or so because of a headache, I think, but made it up a week or so later.
  • What is the weirdest compliment you have ever been given?
    "If I were ever going to love anyone, it would be you."
  • Is there a certain way you have to sleep? For example, with a window open or the fan on?
    windows closed if I'm on the ground floor, and no fan or radio or TV. I like dark and quiet, and I've become a light sleeper, so too much exterior sound will rouse me easily.
  • Would you still be interested in buying/renting a house if you found out it was supposed to be haunted?
    I'm not sure that I believe in "haunted," but I don't really like the idea of being where bad stuff happened, either. I'm an empathetic person, so I would think about and feel bad/sad about what happened. That wouldn't be a good situation for me to be in, willingly.
  • What was the last thing you created that you were proud of?
    certainly nothing made with yarn. Um, probably the mandarin orange cake, or some of the photos that I've taken.
  • If you had a button that you could carry with you at all times and press at any time, but it only did one thing, what would your button do?
    stop the world so I can take naps, or maybe even just a short break so I don't literally want to rip the [bleep] out of the person who's annoying me. Yep, just a worldwide Pause button, please!
  • Are you good at puzzles or riddles?
    I'm good at logic puzzles. I loathe riddles, and the people who tell them. I sort of suck at most standard types of puzzles, too (e.g. Sudoku, crosswords). It surprises me to be able to say that I'm getting better, though. (see photo at right)
  • Do you think you would enjoy working with the person you're dating? Or a close friend or family member?
    I was actually thinking about this very question earlier today. Working with the person that one is dating is complicated, sometimes wonderful, and usually completely awful. Becoming close friends with someone with whom one works is awesome. Hiring, or starting to work with, a close friend or family member, is courting disaster. Having been there, I would counsel against all of it. Keep your work life and your home life completely separate.
  • Which is stronger, your upper or lower body?
    while I'm sure that I couldn't get along without the lower half, I'm going to say my upper body does the job more often than not
  • Are you very careful with your technology (phone, laptop, etc.) or do you take risks that could damage them?
    I am exceedingly careful with technology, though I recently dropped my phone on my foot and feared both for the phone and the foot as it happened
  • Have you ever been in the newspaper? What for?
    my name, yes - for all the usual school things, and for some strange crime-related stuff during high school. I briefly dated a guy who was nothing but trouble....
  • What age do you often get mistaken for?
    I am occasionally presumed to be younger than my chronological age. Something about staying out of the sun and never smoking, maybe?
  • If you could change your surname to anything, what would you change it to?
    oh, that is a very hard question to ask a single woman, isn't it?
  • Would you say that the area you live in is particularly picturesque?
    indeed, I would not
  • Do you always download software/app updates?
    ironically, there is one on my phone that's been pending since mid-September. I generally put them through sooner than this, but circumstances have urged me to wait on this one.
  • Do you take any vitamin supplements?
    I do, though my approach is definitely to supplement what I already get in my diet, rather than to pretend that the pill will provide what I need, outright. Novel, I know.

[from The Cat {a much longer post that I divided into smaller ones}, who got it here; the title quotation is by Jim Butcher, from Turn Coat]

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