wanna hold him. Maybe I'll just sing about it

  • Are you the type of person who gets straight to the point?
    sometimes. I guess it depends on the circumstances. Most people would probably think that I'm not. I don't know. Maybe?
  • Do you enjoy playing board games?
    yep--which is probably why I almost never get to. Karma!
  • What was the last song you sang along to?
    I've been working on another "albums that have changed my life" post--part II of an ongoing series (the first entry of which is here)--and so have been listening to a lot of different things lately, most of which I know by heart and can/do sing. That being said, I don't want to give anything away, so I'll offer a selection unlikely to make that list: "Breathe [2:AM]" by Anna Nalick. Great song, it takes me to a specific time in my life that feels good to visit even though I wouldn't go back there for anything, and every word is still very familiar.

  • Do you ever eavesdrop on people's conversations?
    of course--in part because people are generally indiscreet
  • At what time do you normally go to bed?
    somewhere between 9:30 and 1:AM
  • What is your favorite term of endearment?
    it depends upon to whom I'm offering the term. I generally call the girl cat "Pumpkin" and the boy cat "Peanut," for instance.
  • What brand of lotion do you use?
    just about anything, and a lot of it. I'm attempting to use up a jar of smells-like-old-lady face cream as body lotion, while at the same time working through the end of a large bottle of Curél (same as I have at work), and for right after a shower or before bed I prefer Burt's Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme.
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how tired are you right now?
  • Whose wedding did you last attend?
    my brother's
  • Are you a rebel?
    if I say that I am, is that just a lame suburban being precious? Or if I say that I'm not, is that false modesty?

    I probably am a rebel, yes.
  • Do you tap your foot when you listen to music?
    I do not. The 'cool kids' in band subtly scorned the dorks who had to tap to keep time, and that goofy Darwinian bullying never left me. (And it was always a distraction anyway.)
  • Homemade or store-bought cards?
    store-bought, but not always a birthday card for a birthday, or a "Happy Birthday to my brother" card for that particular event. Sometimes a creative alternative presents itself.
  • When did you last eat popcorn?
    at my parents' house, I'm sure. My mom is convinced that I like it as much as she does, so she always makes it and foists it upon me when I'm visiting. I crave the taste, but detest the way if feels in my teeth and tonsils. (I know, that's more information than you were seeking at this juncture.)
  • Have you ever done community service?
    not as such, but in a sense I do it every f'ing day
  • Orange or purple?
    color, or flavor? Usually purple.

[from the usual source {as part of a longer post that I divided}, who got it here; the title quotation is from "Breathe {2:AM}"]


  1. Your answer to that first question is absolutely perfect. I feel rather the same as you about popcorn: it always smells like a good idea...and then...

    1. My initial answer to the first question was "Yes," but I changed it. ;)