dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman

After much searching, I've found some dress options. I'm looking for something more sophisticated than dainty or pale, and nothing like I've worn before. Let me know what you think.

[the title quotation is by Coco Chanel]


  1. Rich Royal and Fairytale are my top picks!

  2. These are all really cute! But I think I'm going with Splendor in the cast due mostly to the season and the fact that you look great in green. I do love the pom pom beach dress too. -Farmer

  3. Update: after getting the invitation in the mail (specifying "cocktail attire") and a conversation with the groom (who confirmed that the 'fit & flare' dresses above, e.g. Traveling Cupcake and even Remarkable without a Cause will, er, stand out among the more sleek style choices of Los Angeles locals), I'm leaning toward either Meet Me at the Museum or Splendor in the Cast. However, Museum is sold out in my size--damn it--and Splendor is at the top of my price range. Sooooooo, I'll either wait to see if they can get me a Museum at the last minute, or see if I can find something else? Or...? I don't know.

    I suppose I'll look outside Modcloth, since these 10 were my best bet of the at least 1000 that I've considered from that site. {bleary!}

  4. "I Think I Can" really stood out to me... pretty body hugging though, so only if you could wear it confidently!

    1. Oh damn it, now THAT one isn't available in my size either. I should have just ordered everydamnone of them from the get-go.

      My "sinus infection weight loss plan" has slimmed me down pretty well. Between that and a reasonably comfortable...undergarment...I do think I could pull off that style without squirming!