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My uncle passed away yesterday. The service is a week from tomorrow; I'll be travelling again for the worst reason. It will be good to see family, though, and of course to get away for a little while.

I've settled on the 'Meet at the Museum' dress from Modcloth (use one of the search functions to find it on the blog if necessary - it's in a previous post) for my friend's son's wedding in May. It doesn't fit yet, but it will by the time I need it. This is such a female concept that I expect any males reading this to be shaking their heads right now and any females to be nodding at least in recognition if not agreement with my assessment. It's also a pretty dumb time to be gobbling chocolate-covered almonds while I write, but it's been a pretty shitty weekend and I'm indulging.

You win some: my vacation time off application for the wedding weekend was endorsed. This is...not always the case. To put it mildly.
And my checkbook balanced on the first try.

You lose some: migraine, two+ days so far.
And those taxes don't seem to be filing themselves.


[the title quotation is by Mark Strand]

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