it was not the feeling of completeness I so needed, but the feeling of not being empty

I love... mild sedatives

Right now I want... nothing so much as a reasonable opportunity

I feel like... maybe I need a little more sleep than I got last night. Like, maybe an hour or two more.

I hate it when... I break a fingernail doing something silly, like getting into the car

I fear... being the last one to the party

I'm lonely without... the person who used to put me into overages on my data plan

I need... a little caffeine in the morning

Today I... poured half a cup of tea on myself when I forgot how to drink

Tomorrow I'm... hoping to do better, since I won't be wearing something that will camouflage brown liquid quite so well

I just... had to plug in my computer, because I forget to do that when I'm finished for the night and it was on 7% power.

I want to meet... a sane, decent, supportive business person.

I'm hungry for... black raspberry Jello

I love it when... I get the kind of surprise that came this morning: an email from a college friend who I thought had fallen off the side of the planet

I'm afraid of... moths. Who knew?

I'm listening to... gentle snores and myself, giggling

I'm wearing... gray leggings & a black t-shirt

I wish I was in.. a slightly alternate reality

I want to get... out of Dodge this weekend. The MFing car show is coming.

I can't... get no ... satisfaction

I'm nervous... about the potential effects of my actions on people who shouldn't have to pay the price.

My Mom thinks I'm... smarter than I really am

My Dad thinks I'm... better than I really am

I'm happy when... inside matches outside (or they're pretty close to congruent)

I'm sad when... it feels like what others are seeing is just an interpretation that I'm allowing them to view

I'm disappointed that... I forgot to put chocolate milk on the grocery list

I wish I looked like... myself at age 23

[grabbed from a forum on this site; the title quotation is by Jonathan Safran Foer, from Everything Is Illuminated]


  1. I can't STAND moths! They freak me out so much that if there's one in the bedroom when I'm in bed, I will actively spaz until it's gone; not just dead, but GONE. {{shudder}}

  2. I feel better about my moth thing now! Not about moths, but my thing.