everything is not as it appears to be

Name Something...
  • wonderful: the secret smile of a beloved friend, chance-met, across a room full of people
  • wacky: the feeling of walking slowly through a hard rain, because whether you try to dodge it or not, you'll end up soaked to the skin--so why not just take it all in?
  • weird: my birthday kiss, should I get one, will also be my New Years' kiss
  • wild: contrary to some impressions that I may have given, the fellows in my past have not all resembled celebrities
  • wrong: I am apparently 'allowed' one decent night's sleep, then one awful night, alternating
  • well-dressed: that would be me, finally, having gotten a couple of pairs of pants that fit. There is more work to be done, but at least I've made some progress.
  • woolly: Rupert & me--both of us need haircuts in a bad way
  • warm: weather. Good or bad, there's no denying it's been warmer lately than it was before.
  • weak: my will, toward certain things and people that it should not be that way about
  • worn-out: my feelings about some people; no big battle, just done
  • wise: the counsel of my corgi friends
  • whole: the heart I'll be holding out in my hand on Wednesday
  • white: the color of my covered skin (well, really it's more of a silvery-blue)
  • wet: my hair, still, more than three hours after washing it

[from here; the title quotation is a proverb]

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