the value of money is that with it we can tell any man to go to the devil

  • What is your favorite animal?
  • Tell me something you are planning to do tomorrow: after work, I am having dinner with a former coworker. We almost always have grand plans of either eating vast amounts, drinking after eating, or going shopping like madwomen on these excursions. We almost always behave, though, calling it quits before things really get out of hand. We are creatures of moderate habits.
  • Do you wear jewelry? What is your favorite type of jewelry to wear? I do wear jewelry, and I tend to wear the same thing every day with small variations: two toe rings on the second toe of my left foot; two captive bead hoop barbells and a diamond stud in my left ear; and a captive bead hoop barbell, a diamond stud, and a horseshoe barbell in my right ear. (It drives my parents--and probably lots of other people--completely around the bend that my earrings are not symmetrical.) I occasionally swap out the diamonds with other studs or hoops. And I wear a necklace or two maybe once or twice a week.
  • Fill in the blank: Today I am really sore because I haven't been sleeping well and my back is taking a beating because of all the tossing and turning.
  • What kids’ show do you like? are Peanuts on anymore, ever?
  • How well/fast do you type? I either type well or fast; it evens out to somewhere around 80 WPM.
  • Which would make you feel more appreciated by your significant other: bringing home flowers, doing a chore without being asked, or asking you on a “date?” this is the kind of question that makes me want to punch my gender in the throat.
  • Do you prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it? behind, of course
  • Do you wake up easily in the morning or require coffee, exercise, or something else to get you going? require exercise in the morning, to get going? What an awful thought!

    I just need time. It's like getting alcohol out of one's system. All in good time.
  • Are you anxious about anything today? What? Anxious? Me? Just money, job/career, living arrangements, friends, car, health, fitness, and love-life (or lack of same).
  • What is something fun you are planning to do? I'm going to read about 10 books this weekend. That's about as fun as it gets, for me!
  • Would you rather be in a really cold place or a really hot place? no, thank you
  • Have you ever had a boyfriend that you regret dating? there are a couple of guys that I don't regret dating. That's saying something, I suppose? I'm even FB friends with them, still.
  • Do you feel younger or older than your current age? oh, younger--particularly lately
  • What do you recycle at your house, if anything? that's a sore subject
  • Who is the boss in your house? Mrs N
  • Do you buy lottery or Powerball tickets? I'll buy scratch-offs now and then
  • Do you get easily embarrassed? that made me stop and ponder, because my first reaction was "of course," but when I consider it: no, I really don't. I'm more prone to feeling embarrassed on someone else's behalf, which may be less progressive or fair, but that's how I am.
  • When you were in school, did you speak up in class? it depends on the class. I never shut my mouth in some of them (Spanish, I think? And some of the English ones. And History, of course.), while in others you couldn't have pried my lips open with a crowbar. (Hello, law school.)
  • Did you sit in front or the back? if you have to ask...
  • If you are in your yard, front or back, what are you most likely to be doing? I'm not really a "yard" person
  • When did you first see your husband/wife? no one knows. I'm not being facetious: we literally do not remember, either of us, where or when we met. It happened sometime during my sophomore year, his junior year (or the summer after that?) because we started overlapping at parties and things where we hadn't before. His (H's) roommate (D1) was dating my best friend's (D2's) roommate (M). So when those girls (D2 and M and their three roommates) would have parties at their apartment, or when the guys (H and D1) would have parties at their place, we would see each other. The first few months that we knew of each other, I thought he was an arrogant prick. In the days of buy-a-cup beer keg parties, he was bringing a bottle of Canadian whiskey and sitting cross-legged on the floor, drinking from the bottle and generally being anti-social. Not the point of those parties, to be sure. Obviously, at some point he grew on me in a fashion. But it wasn't love at first sight, in either direction.
  • Do you wear contacts or glasses? I do. I wear contacts most of the time, and glasses when I'm not using contacts.
  • Who is your favorite reality TV star? Richard Engel
  • What is your favorite reality TV show? SNF
  • Do you color your hair? no, but Meggan does
  • How often do you wear makeup? pretty much anytime I leave the house, there's something on my face
  • Describe yourself in three words. Nimble, Unassuming, Independent
  • Describe your best friend. Clever, Tolerant, Loving
  • What is your favorite thing to wear? men's PJ pants, camisole, long sleeve t-shirt
  • What would you love to buy if you could afford it? financial freedom for my best friends
[from here {with some practical modifications}; the title quotation is by W. Somerset Maugham, from Of Human Bondage]

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