who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle

You Are Philosophical
You have gray yin. You see the world as nuanced, full of flexibility and compromise. You are very adaptable.

To outsiders, you seem a bit vague
and even mysterious. You shift shapes quickly enough for others not to truly get who you are deep down.

You have pink yang. You are expressive and deep. You have your ideals about life, and you aren't afraid to share them.

You are
very unconventional and content to do your own thing. You are both a free-spirit and a free-thinker.

You Are the Upper Right Quadrant
You are curious about the world, and you approach everything with a sense of play. You are very open.

You don't really see life in terms of winning and losing. It's more about the art and friends you make along the way.

You refuse to color inside the lines
, and you don't like rigidity of any sort. Rules tend to bum you out.

You like to speculate and take risks. You would prefer to live an extraordinary life, even if it ends up being a strange one.

You Are Chives
You are a complex person, and you are more versatile than others expect. You do a lot of things well.

There are two sides to your personality: one is all about art and color, while the other is all business.

You are very resilient. It is hard to keep you down, and you know how to overcome almost any obstacle.

You are balanced and understated. You have a compelling depth, but you don't broadcast it to the world.

You Are Reserved
You have a rich and deep inner world. The outside world only sometimes appeals to you, and you can find it quite draining.

You seek depth and understanding. You do have friendships and relationships - and they are almost always quite meaningful.

You are a great listener, and you process information well. You think before talking, and you may take a while to respond.

Introversion is characterized by a preference to focus on the inside world. Introverts are energized by spending time alone or with a small group. They find large group gatherings draining because they seek depth instead of breadth of relationships. Introverts process information internally. They are great listeners and think before talking.

You Are a Blizzard
You are both dangerous but beautiful. People both welcome you and fear you.

You can cause a lot of trouble and even destruction. Some would argue that you're worth it though!

You tend to overtake people and change everything. You aren't subtle, but you are sometimes hard to see through.

There is a quiet and stillness that you sometimes bring. Some find you to be quite peaceful.

You Are Artemis!
Brave, and a natural born leader.

You're willing to fight for what you believe in...

And willing to make tough decisions.

Don't forget - the people around you have ideas too!

You Are Independent
You question everything and break all the rules. You believe that nothing is set in stone.

You know a lot, and you're always learning more. You believe in being self-sufficient.

You are at your best when you are left alone to ponder your newest ideas and experiments.

You like esoteric things. You can see the beauty in the strange.

[As always with this sort of thing, what I agree with or find most telling is italicized. The title quotation is by Lewis Carroll, from Alice in Wonderland]


  1. You are a fanTAStic listener, and quite brave. Otherwise I pretty much agree with what you highlighted (or didn't).

    Also, when did chives become 'fine' herbs? :-)

    1. Thank you. Listening, I'm sure, is less known by the person who's doing it. Brave...{shrug}. It's easier for me to see the courage that I don't have than the opposite, I suppose? I appreciate knowing that you feel that way.

      I didn't even know chives are technically an herb, so, there's that. Science!