a girl should be two things: who and what she wants

a flashback, the original version posted in May, 2004.

Lists of Three, via the Cat's Meme blog

Three things I am wearing.
1) black-over-gray Saint Mary's University [of Minnesota] long-sleeved t-shirt
2) blue camisole
3) white running socks

Three things on the desk.
No desk, but a somewhat over-laden dresser will do.
1) eight magnetic mustaches
2) phone, e-reader and camera, all charging
3) scrap of paper with the following written on it (fodder for a future post): "er no?"

Three good ways to describe my personality.
1) complex
2) observant
3) chameleon

Three bad things about my personality.
1) quiet
2) observant
3) patient

Three parts of my heritage.
1) logic
2) 3-D conceptualizing
3) gravy

Three things I like about my body.
1) feet
2) shoulders
3) ears

Three things I do not like about my body.
1) chin
2) thighs
3) fingernails

Three things most people do not know about me.
1) when I'm really, really annoyed--at them, specifically
2) my passwords
3) where I keep the keys to the kingdom

Three things I say the most.
1) all right
2) hmm
3) hey

Three places I want to go.
1) Syc
2) Miami
3) Maine

Three names that I go by.
[nothing new here]

Three screen names I have had.
[likewise, nothing here that wouldn't give away the farm]

[the title quotation is by Coco Chanel]