so what I have been, I am; what I am, I shall be until that instant comes when I am not. And then I shall never have been

I got a very cool calendar for 2015, which is out of character for me. Watches and calendars seem old-school and quaint in the era of ubiquitous computer and cell phone usage. I do seem to get suckered into picking up a calendar each year, though, for some fundraiser or other. 2014 was the year of "the men of curling," benefiting Canadian charities and featuring...yeah, guys from the national curling team of Canada. This time it was street cat rescue in Saskatoon (don't ask), featuring guys from Canada holding small formerly stray cats. Far too adorable for words. However, the January photo was almost completely destroyed by the cropping. It left the nail hole just off-center in a Saskatoon Blades hockey player's forehead. Poor fella.

What is the deal with shy bladder syndrome? In all my years of public schooling and questionable work environments, I never suffered from it. Now that I'm in what is arguably the most professional situation I've encountered, it's as if I'm making up for years of wild behavior. It would be great to go back to the way things were!

Dear K@te H^ds0n: grow some self-respect, and hire a model. If anyone else who uses the internet is half as tired of seeing your ass as I am, then you've officially become a synonym for "over-exposed".

I was incredibly tired at the end of the work day. Now I'm wired. I think it's that I don't want to go to sleep, so that tomorrow's work day can't start. Not a good sign. This is probably just a natural lull before things get really awesome, right?



[the title quotation is by William Faulkner]

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