Suzie baby, looks like we goofed again

  • Do you need to write down things to remember them? I like to write things down, to relive them or remember them or forget them--to leave them behind. I'm not much of a list-maker, though I've adapted some of the recommendations from David Allen's Getting Things Done to make that habit work for me. (If it's on a list or somehow flagged for future use/memory, then I can free up the space/energy that it had been using within me, for something else.)
  • Do you keep a diary/journal? not like I used to. I miss it.
  • Are you scared of thunderstorms? not the rain or the thunder/lightning, but too much wind will always put me on edge
  • Do you have any unusual fears or phobias? they don't seem unusual to me.
  • Whats your favourite Disney movie? The Incredibles
  • Have you ever slept in a caravan? not in the American sense, but closer to the British, yes, once or twice. I've also slept in a wood-paneled station wagon (drunk off my ass in eastern Iowa in the dead of summer), a Plymouth Horizon (Wake Up, Little Susie!), and a Honda or two.
  • Have you ever painted a house? I've "helped" but not done much painting. I'm either bad at it, or gullible in believing the person who told me that.
  • Whats the tallest tree you've ever climbed? Very, very short. I'm not a climber at all.
  • Have you ever dialed the talking clock? ha! This must be English for what's known around here as "time and temperature." I called it every morning before school, for years.
  • Do you always wear identical socks? yes, when I have to wear socks. Which I hate to do.
  • Do you live by any motto or philosophy? I do, yes.
  • Do you lick the yoghurt or dessert lid? yep
  • Do you lick the spoon clean after making something sweet? it's a terrible habit, but I've done it my whole life and I can't seem to break myself of it. I particularly love angel food cake batter.

[snatched from here and portioned into digestible bits; the title quotation is from 'Wake Up Little Susie'--written by Felice and Boudleaux Bryant and made famous by the Everly Brothers]


  1. Swiped. Thanks for the fun questions have a great day

  2. I've also finally swiped this. And read your answers. You can tell we are midwesterners with our answers about wind.