there was whispering about that oh there was

I enter--in walking receiving: circles-glimmerings like a gift on myself
as if shining with an unseen river--expanding--just such a river--into myself--somewhere even greater!
I am losing myself--do not seek--even more--I remember more
such then is the finding of peace--there was whispering about that oh there was
but now through luck for felicity there is not even this
only so continuing to be you will be ever more yourself--incomparably losing that faintly sorrowful "yourself"
and in going out quenched: it may be--out of my sleep!...--oh how long ago I was
and how much
ever more--you are--only you!--some kind of Soullikeness is stifled (as if I can still observe it)
and--in a flash letting through: suddenly--a landslip-of-light
and only the one--Begin circling

[Геннадий Айги {Gennadiĭ Aĭgi} {Gennadiy Nikolaevich Aygi}, 'Entering--A Wood Once Abandoned', from Field-Russia]

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