if you cannot find the truth right where you are, where else do you expect to find it?

Apparently, Mexican restaurants are as busy on May 6 as they are on May 5. Who knew?

Headache. Aching jaw. Sore back. I'm tempted to get a massage but it just might kill me.

It rained today, very hard, interspersed with hours of sun and hot. I prefer the rain, but it's nice to see everyone else perked up by the bright times.

I interacted with two people at work today, executives in the same relative position of power but in different locations. One was abrupt, rude, and laid the blame for his own error in my lap. The other was receptive, apologetic, funny, and both realistic about her own mistake and grateful about the fact that it was caught and could be fixed. The exact same problem, dealt with in totally opposite ways. And this after they received the exact same notification from me, so it couldn't have been tainted by my own bias. I try not to think in terms of "earning" good behavior from one's coworkers, but...she's in, and he's out. Period.

The roughest CD I own is in my car right now, song after song of heartbreak and loneliness. The last one playing when I got home tonight was "Buried" by Alkaline Trio. It reminds me of someone I love, and miss, and from whom I feel sadly disconnected.
("I would.")

Weekend plan: repotting plants and sorting out the basement. Pictures to follow.

My phone croaked today. It's been limping along for a while; one of the buttons has malfunctioned for a couple of months, and it won't turn off in the normal fashion. There are enough work-arounds that I wasn't too put out by that. Over the last couple of days, though, it's failed to hold a charge for more than an hour or two. I'm not one of those people who takes a phone charger everywhere, but I will be until the new one arrives.

I saw a job ad this evening for a terrific position, doing almost exactly what I would have liked to do. It's just too bad that the posting closed two weeks ago. Thanks for nothing, Monster.com.

On this date ever so many years ago, I started off on my long path through the wilderness of adulthood. Coincidentally, it's funny how many times I've thought or spoken the word 'regret' today.

[the title quotation is by Dōgen Zenji]

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