Illegitimis non carborundum

  • Have you ever played the bongos? not seriously. Though I've always admired the drummers in a deep and serious way, my own personal rhythm is questionable at best.
  • Have you ever handled a snake? I've sort of gently poked at one that's been under the complete control of a handler at the time. To be very honest, I'd much rather wear them as boots than see them live.
  • Have you ever assembled furniture by yourself? ohgoodLord yes. I hope to do it again sometime soon!
  • When did you last go to the beach? the last beach that I saw was Newport Beach in southern California. Or Huntington Beach. Doesn't matter much, really, since I was being driven past it at between 50 and 80 mph.

    The last beach upon which I lounged was a sort of sandy-sided pond somewhere south (?) of the town in which I used to live. The Village Idiot took me there a couple of times. From my perspective, those were good days.
  • When if ever did you last go to London? I've never. I'd be far more likely to visit the one in Ontario than the one in England, too. The latter has been somewhat tainted by too many stories by and about someone I do not respect.
  • What do you do to cool down when its hot? stop moving. Drink something cool. Shower.
  • What's the most unusual thing you've ever eaten? probably fried alligator. It wasn't "authentic", I don't think, but neither was it terrible. It reminded me of slightly gamey chicken.
  • Do you have a favourite mug? I do, though I've not seen it in a couple of years and I wonder sometimes whether it survived all the moves thus far. I bought it on Spring Break in my sophomore year of college, when I went to Cocoa Beach, Florida. It is off-white with black lettering and features the title quotation.
  • Do you know any self-defense or martial arts? I do not, though it's been a vague goal for a while. Prehaps once things are settled....
  • Who's your favourite movie action hero? Jet Li, far and away. I absolutely love him.
  • Have you ever ridden a motorcycle? I have, though it's been a while. My dad had one when I was pretty little, and my brother, so I'm sure I got little rides on theirs. My most memorable experiences were with a couple of guys I knew in college, who ironically owned the same motorcycle (one bought it from the other) and both dated at least two of the same girls. Those were confusing times.
  • Do you collect anything? Sure. Besides mugs, I seem to be gathering mandalas, scarves, polish pottery, and sunglasses. Lately.
  • Is there anything you wished would come back into fashion? Levis 501s. I'm really tired of super-tight jeans on women (and, God forbid, men!). I miss jeans that just fit right and look good without making a fucking statement. And clean-shaven guys. I don't think I've seen a man without facial hair in two years, and it seems to be, more often than not, incredibly scruffy and poorly-tended. Ish.
  • Do you stick to conventional fashions or like to try and be original? I'm starting to realize that I am inordinately preppy. If I could dress like the photo in this post every day, I'd be comfortable and happy all the time. (Braids notwithstanding.) Jeans, plain shirt, sweater. Sandals. Decidedly un-fancy hair. Minimal jewelry. Clean, anti-fussy, convertible from work to not. A dream, now, but maybe someday reality again.
  • Have you ever given someone a handmade present? I have. I used to make jewelry pretty often, and I like putting together gift baskets and that sort of thing. Those are the best gifts, I think, because they're personal.
  • Are you introvert or extrovert? I am an introvert. Indeed.
  • If you could have any feature from an animal what would you want? I would love to have a tail like a domesticated cat. It wouldn't require any verbal communication to determine my thoughts--I could puff it up, swish it, arch it up, curl it over my face...the possibilities are endless. I so wish!

[taken from here and chopped into pieces; the title quotation is said to mean "Don't let the bastards grind you down."]


  1. The mental picture of Introverted Amy with a tail is absolutely lovely. :D

    I've stolen this (and just finished reading your answers).

    1. I'm a wee bit behind on my feed - like, months.

      You would know my tail-twitchies better than most people, having seen me do the rough equivalent during meetings. (Which, of course, I originally spelled "meatings.")