trip no further, pretty sweeting; journeys end in lovers meeting, every wise man's son doth know

I got my hair cut and colored today. It has grown about three inches since the last time I was at the salon. That seems amazing until I realized that I've been taking "hair, skin & nails" vitamins for nearly that long. Apparently this stuff really works - on hair, skin, and toenails. That all looks great; my fingernails are still short & lame. Patience!

And patience about the house hunt. I've seen nearly 20 houses, stalked another 50 online, and been in contact through two friends at work with two houses which are in the "selling eventually" stage, thanks to elderly parents moving out. I still haven't found "the one", though I'm still hopeful and as positive as I can manage. Meeting with my realtor tomorrow afternoon may yield news.

Pet peeve: those fingers-in-the-shape-of-a-heart photographs that are EVERYWHERE lately. Every other book cover, Instagram pic, FB post...eNOUGH already.

I've been listening to an old set of mixes made for someone I don't know anymore. The dude was bad, the time period was a mess, and the music is still terrific.

"I'd know what to do
If I just knew, what's comin'"

"You kept me going
I want you to know thanks to you I've come around
It was faith"

Two youngsters in my life have graduated from college this year. The first is a lad I've known since he was but wee, a slightly gamey bundle of curiosity, energy, and pure nerd appeal. The second was a coworker at the old place, one of those people who seems to have been born knowing what she wanted to do and how she would do it. They're quite distinct people, with strong personalities and loads of IQ. I can't wait to see where they go next. (Congratulations, Sparky & Ashley!)

Advanced photo settings, take one. The B&W really brings out the texture in the leaves and flowers!

I'm ready for a vacation. Who wants to fly off on a carefree long weekend with me?

[the title quotation is by William Shakespeare, from Twelfth Night. Act II scene iii]

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