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My latest foray into Listography: Your Life in Lists (written by Lisa Nola, illustrated by Nathaniel Russell):

List Memorable People You've worked With

At the grocery store:
  • lovely Rita--she threw a party for herself upon becoming "disengaged" from a lying, cheating jerk
  • Mother M--she intentionally brought a teenager into her home, already full of kids & cats & life in general
  • M.J.X.S.--it was a terrible fate to be a drummer in my realm, poor beleaguered soul
  • S.K.P.--I've revised my earlier descriptor for him, which could be summarized with "awww", to "tease."
  • M. Lewis--quite possibly the flashiest person I ever met. Here's to Terminator 2.
  • Christopher K.--the oldest boy I ever met
  • 'Lamb'--the sacrifice he made will never be forgotten
At the university:
  • Christine A.D.--the girl with the French name and the East coast sensibilities
  • 'Bird'--One of those singular relationships that you look back on and think, How did that ever happen? We spoke to each other once or twice, but had an extensive written conversation over the course of four years.
  • the accountant--blessed in the art of the letdown
  • Stephen H.--What did he want?!
At the restaurant:
  • The Chef--so pompous, but maybe as good as he was arrogant
  • Chrispy--the most inadvertent spouse and children I've ever, to this day, heard of
At the Center:
  • Andrew!--the BEST boss! I still feel lucky to have known him.
  • Howie at the Help Desk--we never met face to face, but he was the shit
  • Steve D.--sorry about all that...
At the book place:
  • "Kitty Cat"--He introduced himself to a colleague of mine: "Hi, I'm Mike." She whipped her head in his direction and gasped, "Did you say your name is 'Kitty Cat'??"
  • Sleek--so I was at least partially right all along. How 'bout that.
  • D--thank God for one friend who makes it all possible and worthwhile
  • Mumbler--oh friend of friends
  • Nick.
  • Dan, who does stuff--I'm glad he was the also-ran
  • My Gay Boyfriend--sometimes what appears to be shallow is actually surprisingly deep
At the current place:
  • Mike S.--relentlessly upbeat, and the best penmanship I have ever seen
  • the tall one--alas.
  • the IT guy--never doubt a preference - and he is me
What about you? Consider the characters you've known through the years, brought to you by the coincidence of employment. It made my past, my accumulation of friendships, and my career path seem much more worthy of praise and appreciation.

[the title quotation is by Elizabeth I]

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