lists are a form of power

It's late, my head is throbbing, and I'm feeling pretty whiny - not a combination that's destined for blog success.

I have finally succumbed to the lure and have visited Hugedale for the first time. It is an experience--not exactly a shopping experience, but more of a social one. And athletic, since it feels like I walked a thousand miles that day. It was fun, fascinating, and more than a little overwhelming. One of the high (and low) points was Sea Life, which was awesome until my brain got the best of me, reminding me that I was walking beneath thousands of gallons of water (and pounds of glass...and fish...) at least one story underground, with several hundred people (most of whom were pushing large strollers). I made for the end of the tunnel without delay, and regained my composure fairly quickly, all things considered.

My fingernails continue to peel in thick layers, leaving me with bare nubs on a few fingers. I don't know what the deal is, but I don't like it.

A book that was gifted to me recently has me pondering new ideas for the blog. It's called Listography Journal: Your Life in Lists (written by Lisa Nola, illustrated by Nathaniel Russell). You'll know it when you see it, should these inspirations pan out.

I'm getting the "reserve power" warning from the computer; that means I'm outa here for now.

[the title quotation is by A.S. Byatt, from The Virgin in the Garden]


  1. Now imagine being in that place (not Sea Life--just the shops) with 3 giggling and skinny 15-year-old girls for 7 hours. Or, actually, just shoot yourself. It's about the same thing.

    Go to a doctor. That fingernail thing could be a calcium issue, which is nothing to ignore forever, though it's probably not going to kill you tomorrow.

    I may have to "find" that book....

    1. This version is a journal, but I think there's also a "standard" version? The illustrations are awesome.

      Good call on the fingernails. Another reason to seek a local professional. I miss Dr. Cutie!

      There was a dance competition at That Place while we were there. Hordes of tiny dancers wearing not enough clothing and FAR too much makeup. It added to the overall effect, for sure.