this is what love comes down to, things that happen and what we say about them

  • Have you ever been admitted to hospital? unless being born in a hospital counts, I have not. At least three broken bones, several minor (and one sort of intermediate) surgeries, and some ferociously bad headache, yes, but never actually admitted.
  • Have you ever had any brushes with the law? well, I was once banned from a public place. And I've been pulled over three times and given two verbal and one written warning. And I've certainly done all sorts of things that could have resulted in legal action.

    And then there were those three years I spent learning the law.
  • Can you solve Sudoko puzzles? no. I have literally never been able to figure it out, though I've tried at least a hundred times.
  • Whats the most unusual conversation you've ever had? my bff and I tend to have conversations (especially by text) that are garbled, circular, and completely hilarious. I would love to reproduce one of them here, but it would put me into uncontrollable giggles and no one else would really understand it anyway.
  • Do you prefer liquid soap or bars of soap? bars of soap for baths, and "the foamy kind" for hand-washing
  • How do you have your eggs? scrambled hard. Not quite browned, but almost there. I cannot abide the sensation of a wet egg in my mouth.
  • Do you often read your horoscope? exactly never. I went through a deep phase of thinking that stuff made sense for me, and when I was done with the phase, I was through with all that.
  • Have you ever had a proper Tarot reading? nope. I would, just to see what it's like, but it's not a strong desire and I don't take it seriously.
  • What's the ultimate cake topping? an extraordinarily fluffy homemade frosting that includes flour and is heated in a double-boiler. I can't ever recall the actual name of the recipe, though, which is sort of a problem.
  • Do you suck or bite lollipops? should there ever again be a reason for me to consume such an item...I would not bite
  • Do you prefer to wash in the mornings or evenings? evenings, definitely. Showering upon waking is far too abrupt for my sensory functioning to handle.
  • Have you ever danced in the rain? not since I was a little kid. That's one of those ridiculous, schmoopy things that I wouldn't mind trying someday.
  • Have you ever sworn at an authority figure? this is an awesome question. The circumstance that comes to mind doesn't exactly involve "an authority figure" but rather a professional person who in no way deserved me going off on her as I did. It's one of those moments that stands out in my memory; I shamed myself that day, there's no going back to fix it, and I sincerely wish that a brick had fallen on my head and prevented that from happening.
[still working on this one, divided into a zillion pieces for easier digestion; the title quotation is by Don DeLillo, from The Names]

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  1. I've gone off and done this right away for a change. I should teach you a couple of Sudoku tricks.