every man lives by exchanging

I'm working on a big, complicated post that should be ready in a week or so. It's taken forever (one of those that I'll write notes about and research and plan) so the pressure is strong to make it just right.

The camera purchase plan just got a couple of boosts. First, I managed to sell a bracelet that I've owned for several years but never actually liked. It was a gift, freely given, and the giver would not (I am certain) be offended that I was able to sell it. (Or, for that matter, that it will go toward a camera.) The jeweler offered more than I had expected, so it was a win all around. The proceeds have already been squirreled away in the pickle bucket.

Second, a good friend who's a photographer set me up with a good deal of advice about what to buy and where to find it. That, combined with a "shopping list" that I'd already had (provided in part by another photographer friend), should help me find just the right thing for me--and at a decent price. Now I'm very excited and eager to get it into my hands!

I went clothes shopping with a friend from work tonight. It was more like wandering the aisles making fun of things and silently wishing I were four sizes smaller, but...it was fun, too. It's been a very long time since I've splurged on clothes, and the desire was strong. Someday!

A piece of rather odd news has made its way to me. I found out that my former spouse's current spouse has acknowledged something in which I play a part, on social media. It surprised me for two reasons: one, that our paths even cross at all; and two, that she would deign to "like" something of that sort. It is an endless and inherently unpleasant puzzle, being in this relative position. I'd certainly not anticipated it before I got here.

I really should have been a welder. Or an HR Generalist. (And every time I see a job posting for "Plant Manager" I interpret it the wrong way.)

[the title quotation is by Adam Smith]

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