other things may change us, but we start and end with the family

Weekends are funny. There's either nothing to do, and then they feel wasted, or too much to do, making them feel more like workdays. The last few days have been an odd combination of very busy and totally aimless, with the odd result that I feel both lazy and exhausted.

Yesterday (and today) was the annual Family Camp-Out and Picnic, held on some property that my godparents own. It is my dad's side of the family, plus a couple of different sets of in-laws extending out from there. When everyone is present, the group is very big. This year's was apparently on the smaller side, but one person counted 68 people when we finally all sat down to eat lunch.

It was my first time at the event. In previous years, I've been either back in the Flatland or here but with other plans. I was not terribly enthusiastic about attending, but finally decided that it was likely to be better than anticipated and also just easier to go than not.

I spent most of the day getting reacquainted with my closest-in-age cousin, Jenni. Off and on over the years we have been good friends, although less so since marriages and her children led us in different directions. It was particularly nice to spend some time with her because she will be moving in a few weeks. We have tentative plans for me to visit her when I can; we'll see how feasible that turns out to be.

There was also time to catch up some with some other cousins (including the ones that I see every month or two) and the aunts and uncles. I answered the same questions a few times (where I am now, where I was before, where I'm working, what sort of house I'd like to buy...) and had some blessed silence while sitting with my brother.

The biggest news out of the party was that I got badly sunburnt (no need to scold; that has all been done and over-done), and that we left too early to experience the full-on argument between a pair of brothers over something that was published to FB without the express permission of the others it affected. I'm glad that it happened when I wasn't there, because that sort of thing really pushes my buttons; I'd have had a hard time not going OFF about it.

Today I've been reading, dozing, and slathering the burns with lotion. And making lots of plans for the week; I have plans nearly every day. With luck, there will be photo proof of ...most of it.

[the title quotation is by Anthony Brandt]

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