the world shrieks and sinks talons into our hearts. This we call memory

  • Have you ever written a love letter? ha! Of course! But not lately.
  • How many Valentine's cards did you receive this year? none
  • Have you ever made a ball of twine or rubber bands? I have not. I probably haven't gotten into my utter distaste for rubber bands--I HATE them. Cannot stand them. The smell, the texture...ugh.
  • Could you ever be a living organ donor? yes
  • Have you ever made someone cry? Yep. Not always intentionally.
  • If you could have a full scholarship to any university what would you choose to study? History. I know it would be more sensible to pick something with a financial future, but if I were to really do it, I'd do it for me, not money.
  • Do you prefer honey or jam? jam. I really don't like honey much at all.
  • How fast can you get changed? about 3 minutes. With 5, I can do an approximation of a hairstyle.
  • Would you rather be the fella in a movie who gets the girl or the baddie with all the good lines? I'd rather be the former, but life is gradually revealing me to be the latter!
  • Would you rather have a man's top half and a woman's bottom half or visa versa? vice versa
  • If you met a genie who offered you three wishes, what would you wish for? "More wishes" does not count!
    1. money sufficient to never need to work again, plus 30%
    2. long, healthy, happy lives for my friends and family
    3. the ability to--when I really, really need to--read other peoples' motives
  • Have you ever been fishing? as a child, I went many times. I don't particularly enjoy the process or the product, but I did like hanging out with my dad in the peace & quiet.
  • What was the last social faux pas you made? I've stepped on some toes at work, sometimes intentionally and sometimes inadvertently. I think that my distraction due to the house stuff has made for some odd communications lately, too. I really need to try harder to focus and pay attention.

[taken from here and divided; the title quotation is by Tim O'Brien, from Tomcat in Love]

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