if you do good, good will be done to you

Never underestimate the value of having help to fold your sheets. Maybe your help does it "wrong"--but it's still done. Having folded several sets of Queen-sized sheets (and blankets) over the past two weeks, I am reminded of how much easier it can be with four hands rather than two.

Every time I think I'm as tired as a person can possibly be, I find out. Surely there are better ways to exceed one's own understanding and possibilities.

On that note: potato chips and Jello make a delicious dinner.

My laundry is done. Well, it has been washed. A plethora of it is in various stages of drying around the house, since I kept pulling it out of the dryer too early. The dryer is original to the house, I think, and may not be the most efficient machine ever. It is also excessively...fuzzy.

I hung a couple of pictures on the wall in The Library (the office? the den? whatever that room is that's across the hall from the master bedroom, but isn't the guest bedroom) tonight, and also my confirmation cross, in its typical position in the hallway. One of the library pictures needs new glass and possibly a new frame, as it was damaged on its way to its last home. I am already starting to feel more settled, now that the walls are not completely bare.

Speaking of bare: my toenails have been without polish for a week. I saw my new doctor last Thursday. Before I went in, I took off my polish because so much can be revealed by inspecting one's toenails. As it happens, it did not turn out to be that in-depth an examination, but it was time for a break anyway. Still, it seems weird to have bare toes, and I am eager to get them polished up again. My new doctor seems quite decent, personable and easy to talk to--but he's no Dr. Cutie. I think it would be pretty much impossible for anyone to measure up to the level of my last doctor.

Some friends have asked to store their Harley Davidson motorcycle in my garage for the winter. It's exciting to think that I can do something nice for someone else, to be there when needed, almost right from the start of this process. I love owning this house, but that makes it really amazingly wonderful.

[the title quotation is a Croatian proverb]

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