all you've got to do is decide to go, and the hardest part is over

  • How big is your TV?
    37 inches. I know: compared to most peoples' primary sets, that's absolutely nothing. And there's just the one! And not even with cable. I was thinking about it tonight; it's actually pretty weird not to be connected like that. Even staying at my parents', there was sporadic television viewing, particularly of the news or weather. I now have to actively seek it out if I'm going to get any of it. Do I feel like I'm missing anything? No, because I still see the daily newspaper at work and obviously being online informs me of a certain level of news whether I like it or not. Anyway, I'm not a Luddite, but I think I will be able to get by with this one for a while.
  • What is your most essential appliance?
    the refrigerator. I could make arguments for almost anything, but in terms of both efficacy and enjoyment, I will have to go with the keep-food-cold-icator.
  • Who was the last person to knock/ring at your door?
    probably one of the neighbors? This is a surprisingly ring-a-dingy neighborhood. The guy next door with the elderly dog has been over at least three times that I can think of, and the lady on the other side twice, and the man across the street (my childhood friend's dad) twice. Plus a couple of kids trying to sell me stuff.
  • What's your favourite smell/scent?
    that's going to be a three-way tie between vanilla, bacon (obviously), and the boss' boss. He's kind of a doofus (some of which is, I think, intentional) but he smells absolutely delicious, and I've seen several women and at least one man discernibly sniff the air after he's been in the vicinity.
  • Which foreign language did you have to learn at school? and do you still remember enough to hold a conversation in that language?
    Another funny coincidence, as we were talking about this over the weekend. I took a decent amount of Spanish training over the years, and a little bit of French. My pronunciation is terrible, but my memory is fantastic. (We can also riff in German and Japanese, which made for a very odd car ride.)
  • Are you a good aim with a rubber band?
    it depends upon my motivation. I could easily shoot the eye out of a former boss at a hundred paces, but I can't throw one over the cubicle wall to get the attention of a colleague. It's all relative.
  • If you were exiled what country would you choose as your new home?
    Iceland. If you can't imagine it, I recommend watching the movie No Such Thing, specifically for the elements that take place in that country.
[taken from here and divided; the title quotation is by Terry Wheeler]


  1. One of the best things I did in the last year is get on the email list for Get It All Down. Love that your neighbors come over, sounds like an ideal place. Also love Iceland and want to go there after seeing the 2013 version of Walter Mitty which has also become one of my favorite films... so beautiful!

    1. That comment absolutely made my day--thank you! I'm glad you agree about Iceland! I still need to see Walter Mitty. And I'm still looking forward to your visit!

  2. I have (already) swiped and answered these questions. I, too, am glad to hear that you're in a welcoming, friendly neighborhood. They have no idea how lucky they are!!