I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying

  • Would you rather trade some intelligence for looks or looks for intelligence?
    ironically, while I was setting up this template I was also taking a FB inkblot quiz that determined my dominant personality trait is intelligence. Since I was shooting for "stealth" or "hilarity", I obviously failed miserably.

    In other words, I'd gladly give up a little brain power at the moment. There are other things that I treasure more highly.
  • Have you ever tie-dyed your own clothes?
    I have one tie-dyed shirt. It was a 'thing' where I used to work. I admit to holding some disdain for the whole thing now, because of that.

  • How often do you buy new clothes?
    very rarely. I need some things right now (socks & underthings, probably some pants or skirts for work, definitely never another blue shirt until I've gotten rid of at least one...) but it's hard to justify spending money that has a destination in mind.
  • Do you buy from charity shops?
    that's not how we refer to them in the States, but, yeah. Less so for clothing than for household stuff, and even then just for particular things. I'm not sure I could buy anything upholstered, for instance, that was used, or certain things for the kitchen. I'm kind of squeamish and a only a little cheap, so the willingness to save money will probably be outweighed by the fear of the unknown, sometimes.

    Other times, though, I'm all for it. Like, if I could find some end tables at a decent price - bring 'em on. I really need some end tables!
  • Have you ever sold your services?
    funny thought, that. In a way, don't we do that every day? I mean, if we have jobs? I work in a sort of service profession; I go to an office and do paperwork-ish things all day, on behalf of a boss who has five bosses above her. We're all steps in the ladder of services--and, relatively speaking, the entire hierarchy could go days without seeing an external customer.

    But no, in a direct sense, I have not literally sold my services.
  • Have you ever raised money for charity?
    there's another funny question, given the time of year. We're just a couple of weeks away from my employer's annual major fund drive on behalf of the local food shelf. It is MASSIVE. Ten days of actual fundraising, surrounded by weeks of preparation and rallying and speeches and planning and cleanup and blah blah blah. All the while, we're all expected to do our part, physically and financially, to make it all a success.

    Donations are welcome.
  • Have you ever wielded a sword?
    only in the kitchen

[taken from here and cut into pieces; the title quotation is by Oscar Wilde, from The Happy Prince and Other Stories]


  1. You've got me: I find myself wondering if I've just read too much Brit Lit, or if I actually have seen a "charity shop" in this country. It seems familiar...maybe back home?

    You wield quite the verbal sword at times, my friend. Don't sell yourself short.

    Happy GobbleDay! Wish you were nearer for post-meal Tribble-tossing.