the two most powerful warriors are patience and time

My mind is easily drawn into the area of household renovation. I had not realized that it would be so, since my lifetime up to now has been blissfully removed from such concerns. But I'm finding myself strangely aware of things like paint application techniques, furniture sales, the color and finish of cabinet hardware, and the direction that doors swing (R-L vs L-R). It is a perplexing, overwhelming mania, and one that I am only starting to understand.

I'm surprised by how consuming it can be. Where should the furniture be placed? What color should I paint that room? Does the bedroom need more pictures on the wall?

It's also far more costly than I'd ever imagined. I've joked about starting a Go Fund Me page to help defray all these costs. Instead, I have a very long-term plan with a very detailed list. As long as there are places to sit (and now to sleep), the rest can happen "later." If I can be patient!

[the title quotation is by Leo Tolstoy]

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