dream will always triumph over reality, once it is given a chance

  1. Have you ever won a competition?
    yes, a few
  2. Who looks sloppier when they are overweight, guys or girls?
    that's not a gender thing
  3. At what age do you become all grown up?
    it's not chronological, but internal. It's taking responsibility for your own actions and choices. A person can be physically adult years before they truly mature--if they ever do.
  4. Have you ever written graffiti on anything?
  5. Can you remember what you wrote?
    it was an expression of affection for someone who did not deserve either the expression or the misdemeanor
  6. Are you a force of nature?
    at times, Hell yeah
  7. What do you think of blue eye shadow?
    sparingly, it can be lovely
  8. How about gold eye shadow?
    it suits me surprisingly well. I don't wear it very often but almost always get compliments when I do.
  9. Would you ever wear any of the following Halloween costumes: Flapper, Hippie, Disco dancer?
    no big fan of hippie garb, I'd probably do either of the others
  10. Should birth control be taught in high school?
  11. How about in jr. high or elementary school?
  12. Would you consider yourself a genius?
    no. My intellectual ego is fine, but I'm not into myself in that way.
  13. What did you think of the movie Solaris?
    The 2002 George Clooney film was a remake of a 1972 Soviet version of a 1971 novel by the same name, by Stanisław Lem. I haven't read or seen any of them, but I'm curious now and may try to check one out this weekend.
  14. Which is usually better, movies or books?
    I'm more into books than movies, on the whole
  15. Do you think The Hobbit will be made into a movie?
    imdb shows 200 title results for 'the hobbit', so I'm pretty sure that ship has sailed
  16. Do you research which brands use sweatshops to make their clothing before you shop?
    no, but if I discover something incidentally I will avoid it
  17. What gives you a magical feeling?
    alcohol, sleep, and being away from work
  18. Have you ever pulled apart a Christmas cracker?
    yes! Thanks, Cat
  19. Would you rather watch basketball or play basketball?
    ugh. Given the choice, I would watch--but I'd rather do about 9236 other things first.
  20. Do you think that everyone makes his or her own problems?
    to some extent, we all do create our own problems, yes. But that's certainly not the only source of problems in the universe.

    For instance, I will have my tonsils out in a couple of weeks. That (the need and the procedure) is a problem. Did I create it? In a sense, I suppose that's accurate, if simplistic. Are there more satisfying and useful answers, though? I think so.
  21. Do you often consider how your actions will affect other people?
    I try to. This may be the rest of the answer to the "what constitutes maturity" question...
  22. Are J*L0 and Ben Affleck interesting to you at all?
    that first one is completely uninteresting to me. The latter has, over time, grown on me--and he starred in a film that really stuck with me, that I need to see again sometime soon (Hollywoodland).
  23. Do you use bad grammar or hate bad grammar?
    I find bad grammar amusing at times, but I find it very hard to use.
  24. Make up a tabloid headline:
    please, no
  25. Do you like to learn new things?
    very much so
  26. What's more important, fame or personal accomplishment?

    In other words: it's not all about the money.
  27. Sweet dreams are made of this....What are they made of?
  28. Two trailer park girls go round the outside...Round the outside of what?
    their trailers?
  29. Are you wearing a piece of jewelry that means a lot to you right now?
    I am wearing 6 pieces of jewelry that mean something to me right now, four earrings and two toe rings
  30. If someone was going to inscribe a message on a ring and give it to you what would you want it to say?
    he knows
  31. Guys who are losing their hair: Should they shave their heads? Get implants? Or let it go?
    depends on the guy
  32. Do rock stars work hard or lead the easy life?
    some work very hard, while others are clearly in it for the glory and the spoils
  33. How much water do you drink every day?
    not nearly enough
  34. Are you driven or kinda apathetic?
    I'm in an apathetic phase, but doing what I can to keep from going under
  35. Who do you turn to when you are down?
    it depends what's getting me down. I've written some letters lately, sent some cards, and kept in closer touch with friends from further away.

    Sometimes the only person I really, really need is unavailable, and so it feels like whomever I go to 'next' is likely to feel like they're only a substitute. That sense will sometimes keep me from talking to anyone at all for a while.

    Still. My friends know who they are.
  36. Would you ever wear Saran Wrap?
    doubtful. I don't think that would be a good look for me.

[From the 5000-question meme; this is the last segment of the ninth part; the title quotation is by Stanisław Lem]


  1. I spot me twice. Woot.

    Because doesn't the world revolves around me, even in your blog. :)

    Miss ya.

    1. I miss you, too.

      You're also in #14, 23, 25, 35... and with me all the time.