I love new clothes. If everyone could just wear new clothes everyday, I reckon depression wouldn’t exist anymore

  1. You have a choice. What do you eat: a veggie burger, a turkey dog, or a cheese sandwich? the cheese sandwich - grilled, please
  2. Do you get a lot of random instant messages? not since I disabled instant messaging on my email accounts. It happens on FB now and then (sometimes I answer, often I set it aside to do later and neglect to get back to it), and it's the reality of SC.
  3. Do you have a paper journal also? I do. It contains vastly greater depth, but prehaps less breadth, of content, than this space has.
  4. VHS or DVD? I still have one movie on VHS, several on DVD - and considerably more virtually
  5. Vinyl, cassette tape, or CD? I own some vinyl in an alternate location. My cassette tapes all broke or wore out ages ago. I sold off 90% of my CD collection a year ago in the garage sale. The majority of my music collection (which is almost stupidly large) is virtual, too.
  6. Have you ever seen the video/heard the song "Days Go By", performed by Dirty Vegas? I hadn't heard of it before. Judging by the lyrics, it isn't much.
  7. MTV: should it play more videos or more shows? they have, at times, had a decent mix of videos and live shows. I haven't watched the network in so long that I have no idea where they are now - and since I'm not in their target audience (to put it mildly), it really doesn't matter to me.
  8. Name a band: Sister Hazel
    Do fans of that band tend to share any characteristics with each other? definitely. They call themselves 'Hazelnuts' and are a little kinder, more demonstrative, and positive thinking than most people.
  9. What does the expression 'touch and go' mean? likely but not guaranteed. It comes from an airplane landing metaphor, I think?
  10. Caffeine or alcohol? caffeine
  11. Betty or Veronica? Veronica
  12. Archie or Reggie or Jughead? Reggie
  13. What book are you reading right now? I just finished C.K. Williams' last book of poems, Falling Ill, and reread Jennifer E. Smith's The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight. I started and put away Heart of Stone by James Ziskin, but I'm ready to get into that again. It's from his Ellie Stone Mystery series--I'm sure it will be good.
  14. Is the news too depressing? 'depressing' is not the first word I would have chosen, but it is true, too
  15. Would you rather have a stuffed lion, elephant, pig or duck? lion
  16. Are you late for a very important date? probably. It seems like there's always something that's likely to be missed if I'm not careful. (Yes, I get the reference.)
  17. Ever use *69? not since I was first living on my own and freshly creeped out by people being people
  18. Is everyone as smart as you? sure. I mean, most people have something that makes them extraordinary; in that, I am not unique. I'm writing that tongue-in-cheek but the feeling is sincere. The idea of being "smart" is both useless and slightly abhorrent to me, particularly when it is self-identified, so it's much better shared.
  19. Have you ever seen the musical Annie? yes
  20. Sheets: silk or satin? neither. That sensation makes bad-shivers run up my spine.
  21. Bath: soap or bubbles? sure
  22. Your best color: blue or red? either one, as long as it's closer to a 'jewel tone' than either pastel or "bright." I have acquired too much pink and light blue and definitely too much navy in my wardrobe to this point, but am improving that over time. Clearer colors - sapphire and ruby - 'wake me up.'
  23. What's your favorite candy? caramels
  24. Can you sing? I can, and I do, but not with others around me unless I trust them extraordinarily
  25. It's the end of the world, as we know it. How do you feel? meh
  26. You take your little sister (she's 12) shopping for school clothes. Mom gave you the money to hold. She picks out a skimpy top emblazoned "Hottie" and hip-hugging pants that leave at least two inches of skin north and south of her navel exposed to the wind. She insists: If she doesn't have these clothes, she'll look awful, the other kids will tease her, and she’ll feel like a nerd.
    Do you think she should or should not wear these clothes? not
    Do you buy them for her? no
  27. What do you think is the most annoying cliché? "most annoying" is like "most dead" or "most pregnant." There is only cliché, or not.
  28. What band is underground right now but will one day get really popular? I'm sure that I am not maintaining an interest in current music such that I could tell such a thing. Maybe the Sheepdogs? Or Elbow? Though it's only American xenophobia that could convince someone that they're 'underground' and not really popular.
  29. Of the following which word best describes you: versatile, wonderful, extra special, your own best friend, zany versatile, I guess
  30. What does BYOB stand for? bring your own bottle
  31. Who is sexiest: Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Elvis, Jim Morrison, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper Jim Morrison. I used to think it was James Dean, but that particular brand of ego and self-destruction does not appeal anymore. And my only conscious memories of Elvis are of 'fat-Elvis.' So, by default: Jim.
  32. Do you always do what's expected of you? less and less, as time passes. Thank God and pass the Cheetos.
  33. Do you believe everything you hear on the news? almost never
  34. Would you prefer a $100.00 gift certificate to Hot Topic or Abercrombie & Fitch (assuming neither store gives change, so you'll have to spend the whole thing)? Abercrombie. I could buy a new white shirt! or some baggy dude-jeans.

[From the 5000-question meme; this is the second portion of the ninth part; the title quotation is by Sophie Kinsella, from Confessions of a Shopaholic]


  1. You've heard that Dirty Vegas song: it was an opening montage on CSI, the one about runaway teens. :)

    No Hot Topic on our next mall-crawl. Got it. :)

    1. You would let me go to A&F? That's new! Ha ha

      I never listen to the music. Which CSI - the original series? Hmm.

  2. Yeah, I'm not going into A&F with you. I'll wait by the fountain, or the food court.

    Season 3 of TOS

    1. Huh! Well, you have always been wiser than I am. And less prone to deafness, or being overcome by clouds of 'scent.'

  3. Wiser? Mmm, not. How about "more fearful"?